Friday, April 20, 2007

Untitled poem

You tore off my wings
You burned me with fire
You left me out in the rain
Again, & again, & again

Stop light red
Little crumbs of bread
I follow the path
To see where it will lead

Yes as an artist
You bleed & bleed
Winter turns to spring
Germinate some seed

Puttering along
Writing another song
Changing fate again
Where's my long lost friend

Standing here in the rain
I think of you
You were a break in the rythm

I'm still reeling
Sometimes I get acid re-flux
What a way to go
Silencing the orchestra

You were the violin
I was the timpani
I need some more wasabi
& a taste of your sushi

That will never be
Unless of course
You turn out to be
What I thought you were

My favourite bounty hunter
I walked into your trap
Then you let me go
Just to see where I would go

Is it reality
Is it science fiction
Who can say for sure
Maybe a little bit of both

I can't wait to see
What kinda film they'll make
I hope it turns out to be a comedy
I've seen too much tragedy

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hello Lethbridge

Well I am settling in, meeting a few, people & moving onward. Today I got an invite to join "Most Vocal" a group of poets. I used to belong to "Single Onion" in Calgary. Anyhow I have added some new material to my Soundclick page click the link below to go there. When I get time I will place a link in the link section.

Anyhow check them out

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I have arrived in Lethbridge. It's small compared to Calgary, not much going on in the arts scene, but there is one. I am restless, want to travel, go to work, get back in shape, get a new webiste, etc, etc.. It feels like time has slowed down & yet it hasn't. This time last year I was in Winnipeg, then moved to Cowtown & worked for an old friend for a bit, then wound up in the pysche ward in Lethbridge due too some outlandish set of circumstances at the US border in Coutts, Montana.

Now after being homeless, then put into a treatment centre for the last 8 months life begins again. I can't say what's down the road. The place where I am staying seemed ideal at first but now it doesn't. I am living in a grouphome with other folks who have various illnesses or whatever. They are mellow, so am I, but Iam still bitter.

If anything the US boarder guards & Homeland security need to train their personel better so they don't jump to conclusions, etc., etc.. I have met many strange folks in my life but those guys took the cake. Anyhow during the ordeal there was almost a shoot out between the US & Canada Customs guys & gals with me in the middle in handcuffs.

Topping off the whole thing I hammed it up for the camera once in Canadian custody. I did a little dancing, acting, etc.. I even tossed in the line Princess Leia said in Star Wars. "Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope!" My Obi-Wan never came instead I was handed over to a fat red haired RCMP officer. His belly was twice the girth of mine, dude must've kept the local doughnut shops busy. THen on the ride with him hammed it up some more. I just really didn't care at that moment what happened. If you were familiar of my old website it had a pro US slant to it & mocked Canada, communism, etc.. Anyhow once you go too far there's no way back. It was at time like the Bourne Identity. Anyways for me it's water under the bridge.

I would like to thank the people in ICE for giving me back my laptop after looking at it. It proved to them I was a good guy & not what the crazed border guards thought I was on both sides. Anyhow I am through the venting part & hold no grudges if anything they should take the time to listen to people, be up too speed with the internet, & various other things. Anyhow I am still stuck in Canada, have been labelled schizophrenic, robbed of 8 months of my life, put on persciption drugs, & am supposed to be feeling all lovey dovey about it all. I personally think it's just outrageous, but in a way sorta' interesting. Once again I have to start from scratch. Had I been given asylum, or refugee status in the US who knows where I'd be or what I'd be doing. I had been dabbling with remote viewing & scored a number of hits on things I seen & were validated in the news. Now with the perscription drugs, that skill has declined. So what does that mean, I have no idea. I guess Canada was mad I was helping the US.

So here I sit in Lethbridge which to me is like the gulag of boredom, trying to get rolling again. If Canada ever wants me to help them I'd have to ask them what kinda' glue are they on. For the US, UK or any member of the coalition I'd bend over backwards. For now it's one boring day at a time, mabe I'll use it to catch up on reading, maybe go back to school or who knows. Some times I get these wierd heart palpatations, this never happened before, I get vertigo sometimes, maybe Canada wants me to die slowly, first taking my mind, then my body, but never my soul. My hats off to all the men & women in uniform overseas. Sorry I couldn't be there standing beside you, I got railroaded into the strange situation I am now in. My fantasy would be for some Blackhawk helicopters to cross the border scoop me up & take me to the states where I would dedicate my life to fighting terrorism, etc., in ways that are unconventional. Of course that will never happen, but it's a kooky dream. I'd settle for someone scooping my up in a car then driven across the border, that seems more realistic. Until then I guess I will plod along writing down kooky ideas, etc.. My life has changed for the better though, I have no idea why. I guess just the way things are is alright kinda' sorta'. I am alive for another chapter of what has been a colorful life. Peace in the chaos!