Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Time Moves On

Slipping down the tunnel of obscurity
Watching vehicles roll by
I want to hit the road
Stormclouds overhead hint at rain
The cold winds embrace me
I wish it were an old friend
Another year will pass
Where will the future take me?


Another day passes
Another door opens
Another door closes

Time keeps going faster & faster
Spinning & spinning out of control

The news keeps on blaring
Natural disasters

I surf the net
Look for pictures of animals
It takes me back to a time
When things were simpler

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Slowly Climbing Back Up

Been down in the gutter
Way down low
No need for oxygen
Because I've found helium
& my voice cries out like a mouse
Sun bathed
Cap to tight
My brain hurts
When I fart
Will shit fly out?
Ha, ha
Yes I can see it now
You wiping yourself off
Sorry about that
Too much hot sauce
I'm slowly climbing up
I'm slowly crawling out
Flip me over easy
My belly could use some sun
Winter's frost still coats me
It's time to melt
Drift away
Blah, blah, blah
I can't take things too serious
Life's been that way
So I just sorta' don't give a damn
I will weather more storms
More BS
It's just life
Too bad Maid Marrion wasn't here
We could drive & drive for days
I know some lovely campgrounds
Do some fishing, hiking, biking
But no
That path has run it's course
There's still some salt burning
Communications shut down
Shut down like a satelite dish in a hurricane
Blown away or sideways or who knows
Nature is pretty wierd sometimes
People on the other hand
Never cease to amaze me
What will the magicain do next?
Pull a bunny from a hat?
Find a dove in someone's wig
Anyhow this poem ended a little while ago
I just babble on
For the sake of babbling