Friday, October 16, 2009

Visiting the past in hopes of bettering the future

Wow. I am in the process of making a new poetry chapbook & am reviewing some of the over 10,000 poems & hundreds of songs I have written since 1992. It is crazy to say the least. My brain was wired very differently than it is today, but some traits remain. Also I making some new electronic music on my PC. I only have started 1 track so far. I'll call it Intro" since that is what I plan it to be. I usually have made an albums worth of material in a weekend, or a few weeks. This one I will drag out to as long as it takes. Which so far has been since the beginning of October. I was gonna' call it October cuz I had planned for it to only take a month but now I know it will be longer than that. Also U2 has an album called October & there is no way I'd want to have people compare it to that.

What else? I might be going to Costa Rica in November or December. I had planned to go to Israel but it will be winter there & might not be warm. Also I have done the hitch hiking /hostel things many times, & the trip to Costa Rica is gonna' be an all inclusive thing. Which for me would be a nice change. Also I'd like to go to Israel with a friend, going there alone just doesn't seem to make sense for me.

Once again my friends in Cowtown say there are folks looking for me, so I have to go looking for those who are looking for me. It kinda' reminds me of the Bourne Identity at times, but way tamer & way funnier. Who can it be now? CSIS, the RCMP national security investigation section, the CAF, maybe it's just old friends. Who kows for sure. Maybe it's folks from my acting days. I once had a shot at an agent who could've made me a star but I declined for some odd reason. I think it was because I thought I hadn't suffered enough yet as an artist. When in truth I had really suffered more than most folks could think. My life sure hasn't been a bed of roses, but lately it's been okay. Anyhow I still have some work to do this evening/morning so I'll leave it at that?