Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas & a happy New Year

Life is so dull right now, but I am okay with that since it is gonna' hopefully help me get back on track with stuff.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Nothing New

I have been in the Clareholm Care Centre now for a few weeks. I was in the lethbridge regional hospital for a bitt. All in all life has gone from bad, to bland. I am slowly working my way forward, but with being in such a ridiculous position financially the light at the end of the tunnel seems a long ways away.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Dealing With Life Gone Astray

Well I have landed on my feet sorta' & am staying with a friend. The meds I am on don't help much with concentration so I am quitting them. I have some serious attention deficiet disorder going on.

Friday, August 18, 2006


I soon may be homeless.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Going Mental

Ahhhhhhhhh, I am in a pysche ward in Lethbridge, apparently my views clash with those of Canada's & they put me here, LMAO.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ha Ha You Loose Again Calgary

Yes it seems Comrade Canuck is trying to keep me in cowtown, but I am getting out of here ASAP, & so should everyone else before they turn you into a communist, homo-sexual, retarded, terrorist hugger. Yes folks here are like he will be one of us, just wait & see. I have seen this sad play unfold numerous times. You can't change me. That's also a song by Vince Niel from Motley Crue when he did a solo album. Calgarians try & try & try, but always fail. Thank god for my American & British influenced enducation & upbringing, where I was taught to think for myself & to love a freedom & democracy, so all you commies take a long hard suck. Please don't cry though, it's not my fault you are a weak minded commie, it's your own, or your parents. Later, have fun in your commie stewpot.

I think I will head to Victoria, the interior of BC, Winnipeg, or Montreal. I am not sure yet. Maybe I'll go one place & then the other, the other, & the other. Yes, I have to stay one step ahead of those who are trying to brainwash me. Yet should I ever become brainwashed I have mentioned my failsafe backup which will make sure I never betray the allies like Canada eventually plans to do. Anyhow I also e-mailed the Mayor Of New Orleans today to see if he knows of anyway I could go down there & help rebuild & also stay there. Yes New Orleans sounds awesome, & challenging. Also come Mardi Gras quite the cool place. Can you imagine New Orleanians if you dare. I could train hundreds if not thousand of you to walk on stilts & make masks. I was getting all crazy & dellusional this afternoon like many artists do & I was thinking my dream would be "The New Orleans Stilt Walking Army". Can you imagine thousands of stiltwalkers in the Mardi Gras parade, that would be a spectacle of spectacles. Anyhow I am getting crazy now, but it would be awesome & then some.

Oh & I guess the only real artists up here that I still sorta' trust are the Fools, & The International Animated Objects people. The others seem to have some kinda' hidden agenda, maybe they are in league with CC.. Perhaps these are the only 2 non-communist arts companies in Calgary. I don't know, all I know is this town & the people are getting wierder all the time, flee before Comrade Canuck scoops out your brain.

You know it is really bad when someone who was & still is called "The King Of Calgary" by some opts to go somewhere else & start all over again. Ideally though I'd like to get out of Canada before the commies come & get me. That's what JTF2 was doing at Wal-Mart today they were trying to find the best spot to capture me then kidnap me, & then turn me into a commie like them. If you have read my other blog you are familliar with Omega the disgruntled CSIS employee who claims that Canada is programming me. Ha ha that is funny. Why the hell ain't I in the army, csis, rcmp, or any other communist division serving communist causes, hugging terrorists, being retarded, or being homo-sexual? Yes Canada is getting gayer all the time, run for your lives someone set off a gaybomb here. Anyhow sooner or later Comrade Canuck will come knocking at your door, than kidnap you & turn you into a mindless fool like so many others in this country. Maybe I'll go to Churchill & ride Polar bears until on finally gets tired of my outlandish antics & decideds to gobble me up for dinner. I'd much rather be dead than red.

Anyhow I forget what Omega's origianl response was but I guess he was trying to implicate I am somehow connected to national security. Well if that's the case how come there is no hummer outside my door with a .50 mounted on it so I can go cruising & take a little more hands on approach to what is going on in Canada. Where is my hand picked anti-terrorist squad, where is my helmet like Rick Morranis's Dark Helmet in Space Balls. NO helmet no deal, also there was my $50 billion salary. Oh & the floating aircraft carriers & Angela Jolie with a patch over her eye. I would accept a subsitute though cuz it might take her away from making some kick ass movies. Still the stand in would have to look a lot like her, & must have the patch. Um what else there were many other things, but those will all have to be on the table before I even think about it. & like I said I have a little insurance policy anyways so that would never happen, so dream on Canada. Also as an added absurdity I would request that the current czar be DPed by the 2 former czars broadcast live on the CBC.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Why I Don't Go Out Anymore

People like making up all kinds of dellusional stories about me, if you have read this blog, others, or been to my old website you are familliar with many of them. Friends of my room mates are like "why doesn't he go out, we heard someone beat him up." I laugh at that & I think even my room mates think that is the case. The truth is I don't get paid often enough to go out, I don't make as much as money as I used too. I make about 1/3 of what I used to, & I only get paid once a month. I am bankrupt, & I owe tons of people money. Besides why would I want to go mingle with people in a city that supports the Taliban, & 50 other terrorist organizations, are communist, homo-sexual, retarded, & racist. I am not gonna' go out & support a city that sends millions of dollars every month to the middle east to support terrorism. Also like I said when I challenged the security guard who twisted my arm to a fight once outside where it could be fair he fled inside & all the people who were not white laughed. It's mainly white people who make up these stories of me getting beaten up cuz they like to gang up on me 10 to 1 & even then they still don't fight me. They only people worth fighting in this city are non-whites. Whites simply are inferior, chicken, weaklings, who can't fight 1 on 1. Besides why would I fight them when I still have an open invitation to fight with Mike Miles anytime I want it (Actually come to think of it there are maybe now about 10 white people in this city worth fighting & they know what I am capable of so we all just ignore each other out of mutal respect I think). The only reason why I don't fight Mike Miles is cuz he's getting old & I don't want all the ninjas & other kooks coming to fight me cuz I beat him & they have something to prove. Also a reason why a lot of the ninjas, & others want to fight him is because he is white & there are not that many white folks who have reached the status that he has. I suspect Mike Miles even thought I was a ninja cuz when I went to his dojo I took off my shoes & wandered around in my socks which were fitting too snuggly to my feet & resembled tabi boots. The boots of a ninja. Let's see what else, my brain is also in the kill or be killed mode so that is another reason why I don't go looking for fights. U-m-m-m-m-m-m white people in my opinion actually make that white Canadians are not worth fighting cuz they are snivelling commies. If we were at war & there were no rules & I couldn't get charged & thrown in jail then by all means line up. Without it being a state of war, white Canadians will just use it as an excuse to get me thrown in jail. I pushed one security guard with an open palm at North Hill Centre & he told the cops I rammed my fist into his spine & tried to paralyze him. Then the other 9 backed up his story. Meanwhile down in the states people are normal, white, black, red, brown, yellow, mixed breeds. I wonder what makes Canadians so retarded? Besides I was told don't fight retards cuz it ain't cool. It would make an interesting study what drives the white Canadian communist, homo-sexual, retarded, terrorist hugger to want to fight those who love freedom & democracy. I think they are all just mad cuz I won't be a brainwashed commie. They want me to go to jail so they can brainwash me there, simple as that. I don't see any blacks, indians, or other races making up the ultra outlandish stories white people make up, so that just says white people in Calgary have been brainwashed by the commies, homo-sexuals, retards, & terrorist huggers to think anyone who isn't white & doesn't support what Comrade Canuck wants them too is evil, & all the other strange things they say about me. How far does this comunist brainwashing go? Unbeknowenst to one of my former dance teachers who referred to Alberta as "White Alberta" wrapped up all my theories in a nutshell (At that point in time when that statement fell out of her beautiful mouth the black girl, spanish girl & me rolled our eyes & tried to contain our laughter I forget what she was explaining but it had something to dowith multiculturalism or was just on of those dumb dance moments which if you are a dancer are familliar with). White albertans are taught they are the superior race, & anyone who isn't white doesn't have a brain & is a savage. To help them achieve this goal, the police are in on it, various members of city council, the Calgary DOwntown Association (I think these are people who will soon insist that anyone who doesn't make $100,000 a year, doesn't have short hair, isn't white, or hasn't been programmed by Comrade Canuck can't enter downtown Calgary) the RCMP, CSIS, CF, various members of Parliment & on & on it goes. Alberta is also known as the Fatherland to the neo-nazis & other white supremacists. If you want to study nazis, racism, fascims, brainwashing, communism, retardism, wide spread homo-sexuality, Calgary is the place. If they see you have any kind of sould or are a free thinker they will deem you a danger to society & try to make your life living hell. Or worse yet if you are a supporter of the US, UK, & the coalition that is as good as sticking a target on your head & it's open season. Oh what else I have done everything there is to do in Calgary 2 times or more. Hell I was even a guest artist in the Grandstandshow at the Calgary Stampede 2 years in a row & it could've been a 3rd or more cuz everyone loved me, but I couldn't stand the racists who worked at the Grandstand itself so I told them to stick it up their ass. Yes even with an artists pass with my photo on it the racists at the Stampede gave me grief. Like I was up there performing with Cirque people, & other international theatre people, even though I had a super minor part, etc.. Um what else I have played guitar at almost every cafe & bar. I have been in numerous movies & tv series mainly as an extra or other things. I was a member of Single Onion, I was as associate artist with the Green Fools, even Murray Ord when he was the head honcho of the Alberta Film Industry wanted me to be the face that represented Alberta to Hollywood in the Alberta film industry promo video. I think this was because I kept on ending up in the former head of the Director's Guild Of Canada's cowtown chapter here & she saw the immense talent & tried to point in me in a direction where I'd go out & learn to do things, & explore the arts & entertainment world on my own cuz that's really the only way you learn you gotta' go crashing around, or atleast that is what I did, maybe it isn't recommended for everyone, especially those with a weak stomach. Oh & there are a million other things I could mention, but I am getting tired & want to go eat & have a shower. Find or give me something to do that I already haven't in cowtown & sure I'm game, but like I said I have done everything 2 times or more. There came a time when I realized I had no competition here so I took my gongshow to the internet & well here I am just one soul amongst billions. I am currently getting my ass kicked on the charts over at Soundclick. It's funny as heck I think cuz I am really learning to be humble cuz my songs are sinking like boulders. When I had a website I clashed with the other Jeff Godins in ratings cuz there is more than one person on the net with the same name. The main guy had his website for atleast 10 years before I came along with mine & within a couple of years we were trading the number 1 spot off in a weekly or monthly basis. Here my writing is just writing, there are millions of other bloggers. Millions of other digital photographers, videographers, gamers, poets, artists, musicians, etc.. All the people I have encountered out here so far are not as insane as the folks in cowtown so it just shows you where the insanity in the world is, & it's right here in cowtown & Soviet Canckistan. I've had a few flip out but when they stopped & examined the goods they were like okay, now I know where you are coming from, holy cow I am glad I am not you.

Most of all the reason why I don't go out is cuz I can see the retardedness in the people's eyes, just the way they walk, the way they talk. It all says, I am a commie, I am a retard, I am a homo-sexual, I am a traitor, I am a communist, I am a terrorist hugger, I am Canadian. Then the look that I get is you are evil & the spawn of Satan cuz you love Americans, British, members of the coalition, don't like terrorists, have a brain, & can make your own descisions & educate yourself by going out & doing things & living life.

Yes Canada you can go hang out with Bin Laden, Kim Jong Il, the Iranian PM or whatever he is, the Nazis, the commies, everyone who hates freedom & democracy, technology, free thinking, etc.. I'll just hang out with Uncle Sam, the Queen, the coalition, & all the people who love freedom, democracy, & free thinking.

I know & they know you are just waiting for the right moment to betray the free world.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Yes, Canada Is Wierd Indeed

This post is for the lady who commented in my last post.
The picture above is how Canadians have been brainwashed into thinking anyone who does act Canadian such as myself are. They see us as demons, the spawn of Satan, etc.. Where does this stem from? I would guess the media, Canada's isolation from everything, & all the commies & terrorist harbourers. Anyhow if you would like to find out first hand just visit, but make sure you have a way out. As for where I am from, I come from northern Manitoba. Often referred to as the asshole of Canada, & there is good reason for that. It stinks, but there are more folks there who appreciate freedom & democracy than there are in the rest of Canada. Winnipeg, as rundown & dumpy as it is compared to everywhere else I have been in Canada is a breathe of fresh air. After that I would have to say Quebec is the next best place, but it has been a long time since I have been there. They want to seperate from Canada & they should. They see how retarded the rest of the country is & want no part of it.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Somedays I Feel Like Jesse James

There are somedays I wonder if the film, tv, video game, & other people follow me around. A lot of movies seem to have some kinda paralell, or feature charecters who look kinda' like me. I have never robbed a train or anything like that, or shot a man, but there are days I feel like Jesse James, or Billy the Kid, & Canadians are all the folks who are after me, or who will betray me. Anyhow I guess it all stems from me not being very Canadian, making my own desicions, embracing American & British values, appreciating freedom & democracy. Some of these things seem kinda' outlaw to Canadian so they have branded me an outlaw. Now all I need is a horse.

Yes Canada I will never be a communist, homo-sexual, terrorist hugger, retard, or any of the other more peculiar things you would like me to be. So, lick my moustache.

Let's stars I look like kinda' sorta' sometimes. Brad Pitt in Jesse James, Liam Nelson as Qui-gon Jin in The Phantom Menace, Antonio Banderas in .... that one where he plays guitar & kicks a lot of ass, Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon & the Mad Max movies, Sylvester Stallone in the Rambo movies, Colin Farrel in Miami Vice, Samuel Jackson in Snakes On A Plane, & a many others. Okay maybe some of them are a stretch, lol.

I guess the jig is up I'll tell Canada the truth I am a spy from the UN, the rest of the world has grown concerned about Canada. It has made itself more of a pariah than North Korea & Iran combined. There were rumors that the communists took over & brainwashed everyone into homo-sexual, retarded, communist, terrorist huggers, so I volunteered to enter Canada & find out the truth since no one has emerged from the country in over 20 years. Canada lost contact with the world in 1985. There were even stories about a revolution & they toppled the government & installed a czar. No one has seen any Canadians abroad so I was sent to find out where everyone went. All I have found so far is a few pcs, 26 million cryo units & few thousand communist here. The rest of the folks are asleep in cryo units & the commies are harvesting their organs. So if you are Canadian & you are reading this, this is what has happened to you & the only reason you know this is because I hacked into the main computer & plugged it into the internet. Welcome to 2006 if any of you actually can read, write, or think for yourselves.


Maybe everyone in the US, UK, & coalition knows about me & could see this (how my life currently is, or has turned out.) & thought they'd warn me or make some more movies inspired by me & other legendary figures. Actually legends are fascinating subjects to tackle in film, or any other media for that matter.


If they ever make a film about my life maybe they might think about calling it, The Assassination Of Space Cowboy By The Cowardly Canadians

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Gotta' Get Outta' Cowtown

I am so sick of all the retards, & commies in cowtown. The last good time I really had was in the US.. Here in Canada everyone who isn't a communist, homo-sexual, terrorist hugger, retard or nazi, is frowned upon. I would mention all the Canadian agencies & organization that are trying to make my life living hell, but I won't give them that glory anymore I will just simply call them Comrade Canuck, or CC for short. Yes old CC is a pain in the ass. I am the last free spirit in this country everyone else is dead or has been brainwashed. If you don't support theTaliban or 50 other terrorist organizations here, people think you are wierd & fink you out to the government much like in Russia at the height of the Cold War. So citizens of the world be wary in Canada old CC will try to get you to help him help the terrorists, & if you don't he will try to make your life as horrible as possible, by spreading lies, trying to bribe your friends into telling fantastic lies about you, murder, rape, or rob people to frame you & on & on it goes. Yes Canada is the most evil country in the world if you are like me & take a stand against the government & the terrorists. Anyhow until I get out of this communist state or the evil government kills me I will keep on reporting to you in hopes you will avoid Canada, & not invest in it, because in doing so you help the Al-Quaida, Taliban, & 50 other terrorist organizations. Those are the people who want to kill those who love freedom & democracy & take us all back to the stone ages.

My guess or prediction like I have been saying is that the hidden communists will rise when China beats it's chest on the world stage & Canada will side with them & their allies. Canada will become a forward base for all the commies strategically located to split the US, & UK from effectively helping each other. Anyhow like all things go it will get nasty. Most of Canada will be blown to smithereens, but ultimately the US, UK, & the coalition will defeat the communists. People like myself will more than likely be partisans like in WW2. Anyhow between now & then to keep the rest of the world of kilter Canada is harbouring tens of thousands of terrorists & letting them raise money here. Whether or not they are arming then is currently unknown. Another one of my guesses or predictions is that the terrorists will set off a dirty bomb in Canada due to their frustrations of the excellant US, UK, & coalition intelligence to prevent such a thing happening in their countries. Am I mad, insane, crazy, or perhaps right on the money, only time will tell. Perhaps I am wrong. I hope I am, but with what I have seen & discovered in Canada anything & everything is possible & up in the air right now.

Maybe I have remote viewed Canadians helping terrorists set off a dirty bomb, maybe I have been watching too many sci-fi shows I don't know. Anyhow Canada is not what it seems on the outside that for sure, you get into the depths that I have & you find a very strange beast. Anyhow I am surrounded by commies, but I can overcome their super lame attempts to brainwash me. I still have freedom of choice. Something a lot of Canadians don't understand because they never got a good American or British flavoured education like me. Anyhow Like I said I don't trust anyone in Canada, because 99.99% hate the US, UK, & the coalition.

The Interpreter Cometh Maybe

Well for all of you wonderful folks outside of Canada I got my iPOD working again & will be converting my 8 cds of colloquial Arabic into mp3s then putting them on my iPOD & into my brain unless of course Comrade Canuck tries to stop me. I would be way furhter along in my studies & probably into Farsi, & Russian, & other languages as well but the RCMP, CSIS, CF, & other Canadians were too busy stealing my cables to all my electronics so they could stop me from doing anything productive. I see there is a great need for interpreters with Arabic, Farsi, & other languages. Chances are I can learn some of those unless of course like I said Canada & Canadians start to get in the way like they have so many times in the recent past. Anyhow you want me entice me with something. Getting me the hell out of Canada would more than likely be the ticket & I'll be your meat for whatever. Just get me the hell out & away froam these communist, homo-sexual, retarded, terrorist hugging Canadians.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Rocky Balboa another hero of mine

Yes some of the films that were influential in my life were from the Rocky series, & Rambo series. I like Rocky cuz he is an underdog & Rambo was an underdog as well but of a different sort. Once again it is Americans I draw inspiration from & not Canadians. Christ I think I am gonna' go hunt down an old copy of Survivor's "Eye Of The Tiger". I think Survivor was a Canadian band but they were singing about something American. Yes I can hear the theme music playing now in my brain, that was one of the first bits of music I memorized. Go Rocky! Woo-ho! Yeah, I think I'm gonna' go buy some runners, & get in shape again.

Monday, July 10, 2006

It's Just A Game

So I go & buy a game & the folks at the store are freaking out running around in circles & urinating on one another.

"He's been programmed!"

"He's part of the army!"

"He's part of JTF2 (just a little note JTF2 is ultra rarely even mentioned in the gaming world, everyone loves the Delta Force, SEALS, SAS or other outfits atleast 10 billion times more)

"He's part of the Tac Team."& a million other things.

Get a grip people it's just a game. People play games for entertainment. The RCMP thought JOINT OPERATIONS ESCALATION by NOVALOGIC (for those of you that don't know NOVALOGIC has a cult like following cuz they made some really fun games based on DELTA FORCE not JTF2, although JTF2 did make a 1 time appearance in 1 of the games other than that it has mainly been DELTA FORCE with sprinkles of the SEALS, SAS & others to spice things up, oh & by co-incedence I look like a lot of the charecters in Joint Ops, & I was also a beta tester which was kinda' funky.) was a game built by terrorists & I was training terrorists on-line with my specially modified software. Where does the insanity end in Canada? Meanwhile I bet the citizens think Pac Man was made by JTF2 as well. I should've just bought the new HITMAN game or latest installment of TOMB RAIDER instead, but even those games Canadians seem to think are made by the military, JTF2, & were all made in Canada. Infact Canadians seem to think every game ever made was made in Canada & was made by JTF2, I think Canada will next even be so bold as to claim the internet was made in Canada & Canada owns it. This is the stupidity I have to put up with. Anyhow there I was wandering in the mall, people were like he's training for the Army. Yeah, right, get real, I was there for coffee & to see the eye candy that was wandering around, & to do a little bit of shopping. People seem to think I patrol the mall to protect it from terrorists, wrong, again. If a terrorist attack happened in a Canadian mall while I was there I would just let it happen. Saving Canada is the last thing on my list of things to do. On the other hand if I were in an American mall, British Mall, or mall from any other country that was a member of the coalition, if I was in a position to kick some terrorist ass I would (I am deadly with a loaf of french bread). For Canada nope, I'll let the omnipotent, RCMP, CSIS, JTF2, CF, CPS, & other clown organizations & agencies look after it. Besides they'd shoot me first & let the terrorists go, & blame me for it. Anyhow I guess that is my wacky rant for the day.


Oh & I guess if I shaved my moustache off & grew some fabulous knockers, I'd look like Lara Croft, LMAO. Now stick that up yer bum & think about that Canada, LOL.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Am I Really Me Or Is This A Doppleganger

This is a picture of me after I got out of the RCMP, CSIS, CF, CPS, & various other outfits & went hitchhiking across Canada. I joined them all & conducted an inside investigation. It's amazing what a little plastic surgery will do. I went undercover after the Airborne was disbanded. My father said if & when you see something really strange happen in Canada go find out why. He said it was more than likely the commies. Well 12 years later, several hired actors to portray me, it has turned out to be a strange journey. Like I have said Canada is not what it appears to be. It's has been taken over by an alien race, they like Twix candy bars & getting brainfreeze from Slurpees. Just kidding. Of course someone out there somewhere will believe this & go I knew there was something really wierd about Canada. Anyhow aliens aside, I think it's just a buncha' commies who are trying to get me & convert me into a communist, homo-sexual, terrorist hugging, retard. Yes citizens of the US, UK, & coalition if you ever see me in a Canadian uniform, Comrade Canuck has brainwashed me. Please do me a favour & throw me into a pool of liquid nitrogen, then pull me out, smash me to pieces, then toss those pieces into a smelter, or volcanoe.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Older But Better Looking

Fuck, do I ever look good. My teeth are rotted to hell, but damn I look sexy. Anyhow like I said ever since I found that transmitter in my tooth I have not visited a dentist. I have on several occassions tried to switch dentists, but the dentist won't let me. What other surprises are there in my teeth other than the whore of a hygenist punched a million holes in my enamel. Another reason I'd like to immigrate to the US, UK, or some other member of the coalition is so I can finally get my wisdom teeth removed & my teeth somewhat repaired. They are destroyed, but filling in some of the stinking holes, & sewing the empty sockets closed would be much appreciated. Yes this is yet another cruelty that I have to endure here in Canada. They treat terrorists better. They got pearly white teeth, those that need bridges, or dentures, need to go see orthodontists, or whatever, they get it done. Meanwhile here I am 10 years plus without any dental services what so ever. I hope those idiots at Homeland Security who refussed me asylum get stationed up in Alaska. By now if I was in the US, I'd have found a job, more than likely be in LA, doing acting, music, art, dance, etc., & making the place a bit more funky & fun, but like I said I was refussed asylum so now your country is a wee bit more impoverished artistically. NOt too mention I'd more than likely be in the reserves, the guard, or bounty hunting. Anyhow the chances of me making any art or doing in Canada is not really at the top of my list. If anything I will cook up my beats here, get a new website & do the usual wierd whatever it is I do there.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Marathon 3rd Test Burn

Lol, I look like an idiot. Anyways tonight I did a 3rd test burn of Marathon, here is the tracklist as it currently sits. This is starting to shape up into quite the funky beast. I can definitely say I am proud of it & it's fucking amazing compared to anything else I have done. Simple as that. Anyhow before I babble on too long here is the list.

1. Back From The Road
2. Space Cowboy
3. Nowhere Near Where I Planned To Be
4. Riding The Rails
5. Sault Ste. Marie
6. Godin's Gate
7. Had I Known (Elegant Wipe Out Re-mix)
8. Get Back Up & Keep Walking
9. Ode To The Road
10. As Much As I'd Like Too
11. Jungle Momma's
12. Travelling Further Into The Unknown
13. A Brief Look Back
14. Arlington
15. Godin Vice
16. Good Old Days
17. Bombsaway
18. What If I Couldn't Tell You?
19. There Could Have Been More
20. Mr. Mo & Ms. Leicha
21. Sniper Hunting
22. Mental Illness
23. Just A Quickee Before Dinner
24. Song For Lara (Zebra Re-mix)
25. We Should've Just Said Good-bye
26. Tuesday Afternoon
27. What Da' Funk Is This?
28. Marathon
29. 303
30. Jazzy Sub Radio (v3)

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Canada Is One More Year More Gay

Yesterday was Canada day, they should just change it to communist, homo-sexual, retarded, terrorist hugging, & nazi day. Instead of the Canadian flag there should be some kinda' flag that weaves the old U.S.S.R., the AQ flag, the swastika, Barney, Twee-dle Dee, Twee-Dle Dum, & a pair of skates. I wish I had a website, I'd run a contest. Design the new Soviet Canuckistan flag for the new Czar, Steven Harper & the amalgamated communist party of Canada (No you don't get to vote in Canada it's all the same party , they just have different names to please people & make them think there is some kinda' difference.)

Friday, June 30, 2006

She's Still Out There Somewhere

I just watched some music video, it featured some chick drinking herself stupid. It really struck home cuz I have a friend who got into cocaine, crack, heroine, & prostitution. She was a really nice girl. I always sensed a darker side I guess that's what attracted me. I had no idea it would blossom the way it did. Anyhow when I get rolling again I might go see if I can track her down, & get her into rehab or whatever. That's of course if she is still alive. Last time I talked to her folks she was in pretty rough shape.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dreams Of An Old Dance Teacher

It's kinda' fun & creepy, having an old dance teacher creep into my dreams. I often wonder what's it all about. Maybe she really misses me & seeing me for a brief moment was not enough. It's kinda' wierd, but it's a dancer thing really. Anyways the first dream was she climbed into my bed & then on top of me then lined herself up with me, damn! Anyways she then pushes her head into me & her hair is in my mouth & in my nose, it's quite ridiculous, I have my arms around her, then she's like s-s-s-s-s-s-h. "You need to learn how to breath" Anyways someone busts in on us & this funny exercise & then she scoots off, cute like butt swaying in the wind, lol. Anyways I laughed at that one, so in this next one, we were learning to fly, & had on rocket skates. I thought I was fast & could fly better, but then she showed me a thing or two, then came the skates. Can you say holy shit. We were like going 200-250 mph through the streets on rocket skates, WTF! Oh & we were even smart enough to have googles on so bugs wouldn't hit us in the eyes. That's just wierd I think. Anyhow it woud be interesting to see if she's had any odd dreams of me.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Feeling Run Down? Come To Canada, JK.

Feeling run down? Come to Canada, if you like freedom & democracy & are not a commie, homo-sexual, retard, or terrorist harbourer, they will try to run you down, with their cars, trucks, or SUVs. Today for the one thousandth time I had a car speed at me. I just stepped back on the curb, the lady swore then drove her car into the farthest lane away from me on the road she turned onto, of course nearly taking out some cars along the way in her attempt to get away so I couldn't read her liscence plate. I was gonna throw my coffee at her so it would blind her temporairly but she would've more than likely carreened into traffic & kiled some innocent person who has no ties to Comarade Canuck & all the terrorist huggers who are just trying to make my life suck. Besides that it would've been a waste of some good coffee as well.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

10 vs 1 Typical Canadian White Chickens

So there I was walking in Chinook Mall, the security guard was ready to throw me out cuz I am half native. Thankfully one of the merchants said I was a regular customer of the mall. This happened also at Safeway in another mall but the Itaian meatcutter told the white floorwalker to get a life I was a regualr customer. Anyways what is the connection, this only happens to me in Calgary, Alberta, Canada where the general population has been trained to hate the natives & has a sterotypical image of them. Of course a lot of this also come from the Arian nation folks, many of whom can only get jobs as security guards cuz they suck at everything else & no one will hire them except other neo-nazi types. Anyhow today in the mall there were 11 people in this group of guys, 10 were white & 1 wasn't, the most insecure of them said "Hey let's start a fight with him." What happened next made me laugh, the rest were like "yeah let's", & then the non-white guy said, "he's studied a little bit of martial arts by the way he walks, you guys are probably in for a surprise." Of course I just kept on walking waiting to tear into them which of course never happened. That's the way it is here in cowtown, the people are trained to be terrified, suspicious, & hateful towards anyone the police, RCMP, CSIS, CF, or government deem dangerous. I am near the top of that list. Why do they fear me? Simple I am not a communist, homo-sexual, retard, or terrorist hugger. All those people who are afraid of me are one of the 4 asforementioned. Canada is a safe zone for terrorists. This country all too willingly accomodates them & when people like me point it out, suddenly we are terrorists. Anyhow the most victimized group of all are the white people, they have been easily & severely brainwashed, careful where you tread in Canada. The best way to blend in is to act like a commie, homo, retard, terrorist hugger, or nazi. Be careful of the water as well chances are that's where all this madness is coming from, someone is at the water treatment plants putting in some psycho-active ingredients. Anyhow if you are like me everyone will see you as the great Satan (Do you like my Satanic like picture above, don't I look lie the devil? LOL!). I wonder how come the white people were so easy to braiwash & who brainwashed them? Anyhow for a further study into the mass psyche of a brainwashed nation you need look no further than Canada. Or shall I say Soviet Canuckistan!

Oh & incase anyone is wondering the only really good fights I ever had in my life that were fair & even somewhat fun came from other metis. White people are generally cowards, & they prove it time & time again, especially here in cowtown. Nothing like this happened to me in the states or anywhere else. It just goes to show where Canada is at. It likes the terrorists & will do anything to stop people like me from shedding light on them. You only need fear me if you are a terrorist, or are harbouring them, & as for hugging them Karma will eventually catch up to you. So there you have it in a nutshell, well not really it's far too complicated & messed up. I wonder if my terrorist "*hunting permit" is valid in Canada, probably not. & once again one must ask another question. Why doesn't Canada allow bounty hunting? Surely the terrorist I seen at a certain place deserves to be captured & face the charges he's been charged with in the US.. I guess Canada likes protecting them, if they didn't I would be able to hunt them here. That's the way I see things. I guess asking "So where is Canada harbouring it's terrorists today?" is still valid.

*terrorist hunting permit- a little sticker I got when in Washington, D.C. as a novelty near the Abraham Lincoln memorial. I laugh when people see it on my laptop & start freakingout. Get a grip people it's a gag. Although one with a rather ultra bitter backstory to it. I bet there are even people here in Canada who think 9/11 never happend. Could the brainwashing be that extreme? Or maybe it really is a valid permit in the US.. I have no idea. The US border guys seemed to think it was, but like I said I bought it for the novelty & as a reminder of what will never happen in Canada? Like I have said before the commies & terrorist huggers are dug in too far, I am just waiting ofr WW3, when Canada betrays the allies. Then it will all make sense & I can definitely say I told you so. Just to throw even more confussion into the pot let's say just by chance it was really real & someone knew I would find it & it is legal that would be kinda sweet. Hopefully one day Canada becomes part of the US then I could go to work & not be bothered by all these loons who are now protecting & hiding the terrorists up here. So until that day I just hang out here, write in my blogs, make some music, etc.., nothing to exciting. Of course what the commies & terrorist huggers are cooking up about me is unknown but will probably surface again sometimes soon. They are determined to squash me, but I have to laugh, cuz I don't really have anything left to loose. So go on do your worst, prove my points, show the world what I have written about Canada is true. Still even if you do try to place nice, a lot of folks will be forever suspicious. Especially considering the name Soviet Canuckistan is a common phrase south of the border & is probably growing more common day by day. Hail to the Czar. Well actually Harper ain't too bad, so hail to the former Czars Martin & Chretien, the double headed Satan I like to remember them as, JK, LOL. Of course someone from the RCMP, CSIS, CF, CPS or nazis will take that last sentence & spin it the wrong way. I guess that is the risk of being an artist, people misinterpretting stuff. Canadians shut in as they are do a lot of this.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

On The Cusp Of WW3?

Just wandering around here & there on the internet. Lots of people asking about WW3. Maybe we are on the cusp of it & the vast collective conciousness of the people on the earth know it or somehow sense it.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I Could Help, But Why Would I?

Look at this guy on the right here. Does he look familliar? It's me, but what most folks in Canada don't know is that I am a half assed remote viewer. Anyhow I have shuffled Canada into my ignore list of countries. The US, UK, & coalition I bend over backwards for. I would help out with current events but, why when this country has done it's best to make my life miserable. So if & when things go downhill, don't blame me, even though there is a slight chance I could've helped, blame the RCMP, CSIS, CF, CPS & all the racists. Yes I will just stand to the side & watch everything unfold. Should anything that I could help out with in regards to the US, UK, & the coalition surface like I said I would bend over backwards for. I debate the morality of my stance but it's justified. I might change my mind but the would have to have Steven Harper adress the world on tv & state what Canada has done to me, & then have Chretien, & Martin personally apologize as well as the top dog from the RCMP, CSIS, CF, & CPS. So until that happens like I said I have shuffled Canada into my iggy list.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Working WIth Ordinary People

I can not stand working with ordinary people, people who have not worked in some form of government organization, or those who have not studied The Art Of War. Folks like those whom I refer to as ordinary people like to work harder not smarter. Yes, you can work hard, but you can do it smartly. In the city we usually did things once & we did them right the first time, on the odd occasion we have had to redo some things. So far in the private sector all I have encountered is morons, who don't know how to do things the quick & efficient way. This of course is only an occurence that happens in cowtown. Why is that? I guess you know why cowtown has a larbour shortage, most of management are idiots so the workers go somewhere else. I think I hear Winnipeg calling or Montreal. Also in other provinces & other organizations when you do things you do things until they are done, none of this work at it 5 minutes jump to something else, pick it up again, drop it & various variations. WTF! Also folks do not understand right of way, spacing, spatial awareness, & many other things. To put it in a nutshell, Calgary is fucked & will be so as long as Canada remains the way Canada is. I think this country has some kinda' disease. I like to call it the retarded, communist, homo-sexual, terrorist hugging disease. Of course in some place like the US, I can go from bumbing around backwoods Michigan, than in the next month find myself working in Virginia doing some worthwhile stuff with intelligent people who are not morons like the majority of Canadians. Yes it is true what the one american senator said "Anyone with ambition has already left Canada", I tried too but the Homeland Security guy was in cahoots with the RCMP? This makes me wonder how far has the RCMP infected the USA & to what degree. Are they trying to spread communism, homo-sexuality, retardedness, & terrorist hugging to the states, because the guy who denied me asylum I would have no qualms about classifing as a retard. I think that is how Canada plans to take over the world, if you are not a retard, then they'll try to make you a homo-sexual, if they can't do that, they try to make you a commie, if they can't do that then they try to make you a terrorist hugger. If you should happend to become one of the asforesaid then the other things would follow. That is why George Bush rocks he opposes homo-sexual marriage. The CF has homo-sexuals in it, that is another reason why I would never join. Friendly fire Canadian style might be you in a bunker with someone gay who is having fun with themself & hits you with a salvo of their love. Oh & can you believe it they actually had a gay marriage at one of the airforce bases. Maybe it was a gay pilot who was making strafing runs at me near, Regina.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Another One Bites The Dust

This is one of the earlier clones of me. He was a lot like me except he had no control over of his thought process. Needless to say one day he snapped & nearly destroyed the research facility. Since it was a clone of me the scientists seen it fitting that I was the one to decommision him. Lol, do you know what it is like to fight yourself, a hell of a lot harder than you think. Anyhow to make a long story short we ended up having some coffee & while he was reaching for some biscotti, I shot him point blank with the new concealable wrist lasers we were also working on to go with the Advnaced Infantry Combat System as I passed him the pastries. Here he is in a solution of nanobots & some kinda freaky preservatives. His eye sight was better than mine so we were trying to salvage the eyes. Also he could lower his body temprature longer & control it way better. I have sporadic control at best. This was further clarified the day when I was walkig to the mess hall & smashed into a crystal clear glass door because my body temprature dropped unexpectantly like it often does & I did not register on the infrared scanner to open the door. Ow, I nearly broke my nose & fell on my ass.


Jeez another post that should have been in Dimension 35.


Anyhow today I was at work & these terrorist type do a drive by. They were probably folks who know I don't like terrorists. Oh well. I wonder who tipped them off to where I was? The RCMP, CSIS, CF, or the CPS? Or was it chance that they came across me? Anyhow I don't really care really, go on do your worst, it'd be a hell of a lot better & more honourable than what Calgarians & Canadians have done to me. Yes, to me living in Canada is worse than death itself. I am surrounded by commies, homo-sexuals, retards, & terrorist huggers. If I keeled over & died suddenly my soul would be happy. He'd do a little jig than skip off to where ever & whatever lies beyond. What would be funny is if I came back & was born into some Middle East country & ended up being a terrorist. Irony of ironies. Hopefully re-incarnation won't lead to such a thing. That's the thing about it all, no one really knows what lies beyond. I have died 2 times, I don't remember anything & did not see anything, so maybe you just die. I wonder if all those martyrs have ever pondered this. Ha, ha, buddy no dancing virgins for you, just cold, hard, earth, & dogs pissing on your grave.


Anyhow the only really good thing about today is that Nelly Furtado's new album Loose was released today & holy cow, it rocks, or whatever you wanna' say. Those music critics & folks who say she sucks or whatever are wrong this is her best work yet I think.

Oh & I forgot, those doctors, nurses, or whoever that gave me a pill that nearly destroyed my immune system you can kiss my hairy buttocks. (Actually they are not too hairy, but I have hair in my ass crack like billions of other people do.) I still am able to heal myself quickly if the wound is not too sevre. Today I stepped on a nail, & it went into my foot, right in my achiles heel. I yanked my foot off the nail really quickly & hobbled around for a few minutes, & 5 minutes later could put my full weight back on it & walk. It only went in a half inch or so but looks normal. I can still feel how deep the nail sunk, thankfully it didn't scrape bone, that drives me up the wall. I can feel the rust & metal though as they make their rounds through my veins. Not a good thing I am guessing. Also my feet & hands get colder faster due to the frostbite I incurred earlier in the spring. Right now it is 12c but to me it feels more near 5c. Once again I'd like to thank you Canada for trying & failing to put me in the grave early. The walk in the cold is an old technique the RCMP like to use on natives or drunks. There are several documented cases of this across the country. The Calgary Police used to do this practice up until the late 80's & early 90's until lots of us dudes from Stampede Ranch came to town & all of us being trained in mountain & winter survival didn't die like we were supposed too & showed up the next day in our normal lives. Also I think there were some other folks who were not native who had this happen to them & when they did not die like they were supposed too more of a stink was kicked up. & here you thought the CPS was such a stellar police service. If that is what you call stellar we live in a sad world. Then again it may only be the CPS now who think they are so stellar.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Re-reading a favorite text

I have read 3 different versions of "The Art Of War" by Sun Tzu over the past decade or so. Once again I am studying. Wow! It blows my mind time & time again. I have now memorized certain chunks of it. It's damn good stuff. When I compare parts of my life to the text it just hits so much deeper. I have learned a lot of lessons at a dear price, but painfully etched into my brain & body, they serve as physical & mental reminders. Funny thing is though how on some of them I knew better but life unravelling the way it did I quite often had to do away with sanity. Anyhow in another 10 years I will still be reading it. It's fun to visit once or twice every year.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Re-Directed By Whom?

It sems the RCMP like reading my e-mail. When I log in I get redirected. Oh well, nothing too thrilling in there. What other forms of lameness will the RCs try next? I had them tailing me at the mall the other day. It was one of those plain clothes guys from the national security section. Was he afraid I'd find some terrorist who calls cowtown home? If so, would he have drawn his weapon & used it on me to protect the terrorist? These things & more I often wonder. I have told them several times about certain interesting charecters, but have since stopped since they just ignore me & then try to make my life rather miserable. I guess they are concerned I will find more & prove Canada is a terrorist Disneyland. Originally I had planned to capture some & video them & ask them what they were doing here. Then on top of that I was gonna' have some American media here to cover it as it happend so the RCMP, CSIS, CF, & others couldn't warp the truth & once again paint me out to be a terrorist & then hand them over to the US consolate & various funky folks there. Anyhow the real point of this post is to see if this animation works. (I guess not) I miss having my site & throwing up whatever I liked, when ever I liked & how ever large I liked too, of course within my bandwidth limits. I wonder if one could actually hook one's brain up too the net, just how much info would be in there. A few kilobytes for some a few gigs for others, & maybe a terra byte or more for more advanced individuals.


Also how come they don't allow bounty hunting up here? Are they afraid I will capture a great many of folks & be able to make a good living? What does the Canadian Government not allow such activities?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Comic Book Crap

Oh jeez I have been surfing way too many comic book sites lately. My life is starting to be too much like a comic, or whatever. Anyways I have loads of fun poking fun at the government & the folks kooky enough to believe all the BS they feed to people. It doesn't help that I occasionally help feed it with pictures like this & other crazy stuff. Then again what is fact & fiction. How many times have I blurred the lines. Maybe it's all true, maybe it's all a lie. Who knows for sure. Anyhow it will be interesting to see what kinda' nutty things happen after this. It's funny how many folks here in cowtown have access to the net, but way more funny is how many don't. Some folks are still talking about things I cooked up a decade ago. That is how far behind they are. Then again maybe someone is just out there inventing stuff. Anyhow enjoy.

Jeez, my eyes look really scary. This is from when I was captured by the CF & taken to a remote northern settlement. They thought by isolating me & broadcasting non-stop CF materiel & CBC garbage I would finally see what a great country this was & re-enlist. It just made me dispise this country more & opened up my eyes to how it will more than likely never recover from the slippery slope it has begun to go down.


Like I said what is real & what is not real? I guess this should've been in Dimension 35 as well, but I keep forgetting to choose that one when the menu pops up. Oh well maybe next time.
Maybe Dimension 35 is really real, & this plane here is a fantasy. How many planes of reality really are there?


Oh yeah & I forgot too mention I have an uncanny talent with electronics & machinery. Anyhow when I phase into an electrical form this is what I look like. Or am I trapped in the internet & I am trying to bust out through your monitor?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Homelund Securitat, not so secure?

I often wonder whether or not the border guard who turned me around was a member of the Tali-whackers himself or a sympathizer. Maybe there are some who have infiltrated the border & this guy turned me back so the group whom I call Comrade Canuck could once again try to make me into a terrorist. Yes, I guess that is the price I am now paying for stirring up a ruckas, but I would have never have needed to unless, the CRCMP, PSIS, CCF, & every other law enforcement agency here in Sobiet Camuckistan had done it's job. In a way it's kinda' funny cuz I am stuck here with the terrorists who want to get me, the government who wants to get me, & am lving amid a land of zombies who really just don't give a damn, or have been brainwashed. I would go to the US, but maybe I'd be better off not too now. Chances are the CRCMP, PSIS, & CCF would follow me down there like they did last time & try to set me up again. Oh yes, Kanata don't think I didn't know you had your spies following me in the US, cuz I had some folks from the US following you while you followed me. Of course those folks had someone other folks following them as well. It was like some kinda' daisy chain. So who do I trust now, maybe only the UK, the US a little bit less now, well a whole lot less, but I am trying to be nice about it, compared to Kanata where the crap that has been thrown at me since day one just gets more ridiculous. Yes I see Kanata as my prison, most Kanatians (90%) as no better than the Tali-whackers. What a dreary way to live. Anyhow I shall keep on slogging along. I guess I didn't need to join the US Army after all, I have my own war right here. This one though is fought with my brain, tongue, & spirit. The enemy is dug in. Hidden, & subversive, but I will find them, flush them out, & expose them for what they are. Yes, Kanata I am still here, I will be the little monkey on your backside until this is over, or you have put me 6 feet under. I guess then I would become a martyr, for freedom & democracy though, not whatever the hell these fruits dream up. Yes, citizens of the UK, US, & coalishun Kanata is a place to wearily tread. Things are not what they seem. Bring lots of tinfoil to make yourselves some beanies, communist mind control experiment are ongoing here. Most of all if you ever see me in a CCF, CRCMP, or PSIS uniform, drop my body into liquid nitrogen, pull it out & smash me into bits, then toss those bits into a volcanoe.

"Sgt Nidog, snap out out of it sir, you are babbling on again to the wall!"

"There's nothing to snap out of deary, can't you see them?"

"See who, sir?"

"The men & women of my unit. I am explaining what happened before the 3rd World War!"

"Sir you are imagining things, they're all gone, you're the only one left."

The nurse then mumbles something into her headset a mild force field surrounds the patient, a faint hiss is heard, the Saergant is out again. Gassed into oblivion. When he wakes he will recall several occasions like this where days, weeks, months, & sometimes years have gone missing. What happened during that time? These answers & more you'll discover in Dimension 35.
Whoops wrong blog, here I thought I was logged into my Dimension 35 blog.


Yes, Canada is getting stranger & stranger by the minute. Soon freedom of speech will be outlawed unless of course your are a flag waving stooge who has no mind & is a robot of the government. I could go on & on but I think by now you are familliar with my particulair view on many subjects. If not read. If you were lucky enough to see my old website you know more. Anyhow what retarded lengths are the RCMP, CSIS, CF, CPS, & every other kook trying to go through to stop me from posting things the way I see them, or have seen them, of have remote viewed. Oh yes I wander into the twilight zone sometimes, but in this day & age if you believe all that you see & hear well, you are an idiot plain & simple as that.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

I Am Freaking Myself Out Now

Maybe I have tapped into some kinda' who knows. Maybe I am a little more physchic than I thought. I have been batting rather okay lately. The near death experience in the cold sharpened my senses more. Funny how that is. Trauma then clarifacation. Sounds a little too much like the realm of fantasy, like the X-men. Latent mutant powers. I remember how when I was at the mission in Kalamazoo, one of my fellow zoo creatures said "You're Wolverine". I laughed cuz I don't have funny hair, or claws, & since returning to Canada my knack for healing a little faster than most folks has slowed down, & I heal at the normal rate, or maybe now even a little slower. What kind of drugs did they give me in Winnipeg when I went to the hospital for my feet. What was in those little pink pills. "The Cure" if so I guess I am doomed to live a normal life. Ha ha, not likely though. Now let's say if someone from the US was to rescue me, maybe they could revive what Canada has been trying to destroy. Yes I would gladly offer all of my services, life, blood, DNA, heck & even offspring if I could get out of this country.

Friday, June 09, 2006

More Photos From Places I Can't Remember.

This is a picture of me & a friend. I forgot where in China this was taken but it was back in the 80's. I recieved a mysterious e-mail the other day, then scanned & opened up the attachment. This is what I found. Funny thing is I have no memories of China, Japan, Saudi Arabi, Peru, & the other 100 or so countries people say I have visited. What's wierder is getting all of these photos. I have had my geek photo friends look at them & the originals they say are authentic. Even right down to the age of the paper & chemicals used in some of them. Just kidding, this is a picture of me & some random traveller I met last summer. That was the fun part. I met a few of the same folks in a lot of places, cuz we were all heading the same way, by the same means, at the same rate. I am getting restless again. I have been in cowtown to long. I fear if I stay here too long I might become Calgarian. I seen the saddest case of this ever at some elctronics store. It was a black male who formerly hailed from Seattle. By the way he acted he was infected with full blown Canadianism. I told him to get a hold of himself & snap out of it. Then he came to his senses & said "You know what, maybe I have been here too long, thanks man for waking me up!" Then with that he started to acting like a normal human being again. What was more you could see he remembered what a proud nation he came from. The American breeding shone through & it was like a light in a dark place.

Skipping Off Into The Sunset

Ah yes like the movies one day I will just walk off into the sunset & leave Canada to consume itself. They tried in so many ways to tie me down but I have to laugh at everyone cuz I am free & they are not. They are shackled to the communist, terrorist hugging, homo-sexual, retarded, racists who run Canada. Everyone is like blah, blah, blah, & I am like that is old news I have moved on since then, but I will revisit any issue if you chose cuz you can't seem to move forward. Let's see how many things have I done since this whole journey has begun. I have lost count. Basically it covers almost everything to living in the wilderness, to being in the underground scene performing at adult cabarets, to performing fluffy stuff at the Grandstand, to hanging out with rather unique individuals, to being the subject of a nationwide manhunt by the RCMP, CSIS, & CF who didn't catch me, & how I ended up hunting them down & flushing them out to see what kind of non sense they had cooked up about me, to landing on my feet & travelling again, to getting a normal job, & then finding out the joys of writing a lot of it down. Examining the absolute incompetence of those who sought, wanted to brainwash me, & have brainwashed a lot of people & how I just walk on & laugh at how retarded it all is & how dumb everyone looks. Anyhow my life is in tatters, old Comrade Canuck is doing his best to destroy me, but inspite of it all like the little dwarves or trolls from Warcraft, "I laugh in the face of danger". Come on Canada let's see what you got. I don't think you got a lot since you threw your best at me & failed again & again. Clearly I am the one who is superior. If there was to be a picture of Canadian Soldiers, RCMP, & CSIS, standing next to picture of me you'd see a little 10x better than all of them combined sign sticking above my head. Anyhow I had a blast tonight watching music videos on the net. Sure old Comrade Canuck can destroy my life & take away all of my resources toys, & have me in a position where I can't yet file for bankruptcy. But you know what, I ain't gonna' let it get me down, or the racists, or the lame home grown terrorists or whatever Canada throws at me. Heck if they through me in jail right now on some imaginary charges I think I'd be happy cuz then atleast I'd have a stable base, & could start formulating some kinda' plan. But sometimes having no plan or anything is better. I am now like a ghost, I can pass through walls. Figuratively speaking of course. Someone out there right before I came back & editied this is probably going "Really?". Anyhow I get all these folks from various places now who just come by & stare at me for a brief amount of time. Maybe I am like some kinda' folk hero & they are like "Whoa there is dude, he's like a coyote!" or something like that. Who knows all I know is I had this dude who was on a motorcycyle find me & he just sat there on his bike from a distance & watched me with the reverence one gives to a lion. Or maybe he was just a fan of my music, poetry, videos, writing, photos, or who knows what. Perhaps I am just am imagining this. But then again who knows. Ah yes dellusions of grandeur. Can you believe it but that's what Canadians through me into the loony bin for right after I refussed to join the army after I figured out they weren't going to Iraq a few years ago? There were like that will learn him for not wanting to join us. My thing was why join a nation of chickens. Anyhow visitors to my old website already knew that. If & when I get a new site I have no idea what it will be like. The old one just sprung from one page & one idea after another. I miss it.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

What's The Reel Story?

When anything like this happens one has to ask what's the reel story? Canada is a terrorist's Disneyland so what is the sccop here. Maybe they were no longer fondling someone somewhere the right way. Anyhow out surfing tonight & others like myself are skeptics. Yes there are even some americans who kinda' sorta' are asking questions. What I see is potential a half baked cooked up scheme by you know who, by now. There are millions of forums on the net. Not all of them are patrolled. A lot of them are easy to hack into & alter according to hackers/ crackers or whatever you wanna' call them. Moreso let's just say so & so set up a forum & then registered & became part of admin or a mod or who knows through whatever means. In that position they could easily alter what anyone says so this bunk about forums really doesn't stick for me. Not too mention the RCMP like to stick their little beady eyes everywhere they can. They registered at one of the forums I am part of it is amusing how they think they are being sneaky. Anyhow there is nothing of worth at most places I post. Just info about games, photography, political opinions, & lots of humor or whatever. So after doing this I wonder how long it will be before someone from Canada hacks into some place I belong to & alters the data to make me look like some radical?

Who's Teaching Your Children?

After writing some place else about Canada & the security risk it poses to the free world in my opinion, one has to ask, who is teaching your children? Are they nazi war criminals ( could be a possibility since Alberta is the New Fatherland) could be terrorists (there are thousand of them here) maybe commies or terrorists huggers (those number in the hundreds of thousands if not millions)?

Jeez am I glad I don't have any kids. If I did there is no way in hell they'd go to school in Canada.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Why Doesn't Canada Deport The Nazi War Criminals?

Oh jeez does it not get any better? Nazis war criminals, americas most wanted, home grown terrorists, um, what's next? Actually I wouldn't be surprised if you found Osama himself hanging out here & having a gay old time. That's probably why no one can find him. Maybe he's out in the Yukon wilderness panning for gold or fishing in Hudson Bay. Taking a nap on the beach at oh Christ what's that beach there in Vancouver right downtown. Damn been too long since I've been there. Oh yeah English Bay. Maybe he's there lying in the sun, licking cotton candy that is fed to him from immigration officials. Or maybe he's in Calgary getting his pubes trimmed at some salon so he can go swimming, provided that his hair & head gear don't bog him down too much. I know I have problems swimming with long hair.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Winnipeg The Wise Choice

If Americans are curious as to where the most American city is in Canada, it is Winnipeg. Having lived there briefly & studying all that I could while there it is the last bastion of folks who love freedom & democracy in Canada. There are pockets of people scattered about Canada such as myself, but if you think Calgary is where it is at you could not be more wrong. Calgary is the most US, UK, & coaltion bashing, place in Canada. Calgary is also where millions of dollars go to the middle east for terrorist groups. Why invest in such a city. WInnipeg is where it is at. Here in cowtown there are way too many communists, homo-sexuals, retards, & terrorist huggers.

The Judas Kiss Syndrome

Back when I was in Dimension 35 I was betrayed. That was 10 years ago. They thought I'd forget but I was smart enough to hide my team, erase my memory & have them fill me in on what was relavent to the situation at hand.

She had such a sweet smile, she had the most mesmorizing eyes, & yet even though I had been warned repeatedly by outside sources she wasn't dealing with a full deck I was sure I had trained a loyal team member. Everything about her checked out on the plus side, she like myself & every other member of the team had been selectively bred & genetically modified.

As I recall we were closing in on an interplanetary terrorist. Being scattered across the quadrant I had split up my people into 8 teams of 3 people with 3 subs from the locals just so we could cover more ground. Anyhow there we were in the abandoned apartment block having climbed 5 flights of stairs & disabling security systems & guards along the way we were poised outside the door ready to do the take down with 2 dudes left on the ground floor as back up. I looked my number 2 guy in the eyes & gave the go signal to smash in the door when it happened. The distinct sound of a supressed weapon being fired twice. A millisecond later a squirt of blood, brain matter, & a chunk of skull bounced off my visor. The Bitch killed the local guy, number 2 kicked her in the gut & over the railing of the stairs, I kicked the dooor open & we both dove into a hornets nest figuring that if our intel was still right there should only be 1 guy in the room compared to the dozen or so racing up the stairs. Holy cow I have never been so wrong before. It was like a wall of muzzle flashes, bits of drywall bouncing off of us as we hit the ground firing at the feet of our attackers. Then when the bodies started falling a missle blew a big hole in the roof & crushed some more people. Fine enough there were 4 guys left & in the few seconds it took me to unsheath my pistol squeeze off 2 rounds & dart behind a wall there none. Number 2 wasn't so lucky one of the turds got lucky & managed to get a few rounds off & one of them pierced his body armour & he had a non-lethal flesh wound that was in the stomach. I raced over & pulled out my medkit & started to administer 1st Aid, but that's when all the guys who were racing up the stairs came into what was left of the room on the top floor. Ka-boom, the claymore I had put near the door tore to shreds the first 4 guys & the concussion knocked over 2 more. By now HQ was on the comm & was telling me we had transport on the way, we just had to hold out for 2 more minutes. There was all kinds of noise everywhere. I noticed a laundry chute & I gave number 2 a wink & said sorry but this is the way it's gotta' be. I then tossed him into the chute head first & he ended up in the basement in a big pile of linen none the worse for wear than he already was. I on the other hand was not so lucky. Guessing that we had no gas masks on they tossed some nerve gas into the room & then stormed it. I remember taking out 2 more guys then running out of ammo, then someone poked their head around the corner & I guess they thought I had keeled over & died, but I was holding my breathe, my eyes were burning & my skin felt like it was on fire. Anyhow about a 3 of them came in to investigate & I could hear a helicpter closing in on the building. With my last consciuos breath I threw my empty pistol at the nearest one & then it was lights out.

I awoke some time later at some base in an interrogation room. The bitch was watching through a window as I was getting grilled for some info. I thought to myself I should have listened, but nah she was Canadian like I was, she might be kinda' unhinged but surely she could be trusted. Anyhow on & on it went. Apparently these people thought I knew where the blueprints & schematics for a gigantic mind control machine was. It didn't exist, we merely made the story up to see who we could catch. These folks were from some radical communist, homo-sexual, retarded, terrorist hugging cult & they intended to make the world that way then the solar system, & finally the galaxy. But we stopped them. I never will forget that.

Here in this reality & time line somehow across space & time this to me. Perhaps another me in another dimension is trying to warn me, but I already know it. I don't trust my fellow Canadians even though here in this reality I am just some dumb artist.


Damn that's a pretty good piece of fiction, maybe I should start writing adventure stories.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

From Out Of The Muck? The Phoenix

Yes, this was at the height of my fall right before the plummet into nothingness & the ongoing slow rise back to the surface. As you can see in this photo I was reaching above & beyond what I normally did, but after having gone on what I thought was a road trip soon coming to an end I thought I'd have a little fun at the end. Anyhow That was 2/3 of the way through. Actually I am not sure if I am done yet. I haven't made it to Montreal yet, then again there are a million other places I want to go as well.

Where will I get the funds for my exploits? Yes I am bankrupt & still haven't filed but that will happen very soon. My creditors are not happy to say the least & my credit rating is shot to hell, but I am nearing the completion of my cd of beats & whatnot I have cooked up on my pc. This is by far the best piece of work I have done. Today I went & made an extended version of Arlington, yesterday & part of today I made Another Song For Lara a bit beefier & called it the Zebra Mix. Yesterday I worked on Marathon & it is better than it was before but still kinda' incomplete, but I only made it for the bit of video I took I never meant for it to be part of a cd. Anyhow I am getting better at making stuff on the pc, & tinkering with it. It is as fun as real instruments in an abstract way. Incase you are curious no it can never replace the warmth of holding onto the warm, smooth, slim, neck of a guitar & having the the body come into contact with yours, after you have been playing it with passion for a couple of hours, or feeing of other instruments.

Oh yeah maybe this month or next month I will return to the internet with my own website & I will post my videos, my pics, & a lot of the stuff I had at my old site. It will not have the all the content, nor will it have the same feel. I think this will be purely entertainment & selling my music & dvd, & other things I create such as poetry chapbooks. If I can't get it to work on my site maybe I'll go & do the e-BAY thing. Should I generate enough money somehow I might resurect my old site & just leave it as it was right before my extended crash & burn.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

I am a game geek

I finished off Hitman, Contracts last week so I picked up another game. I know I shouldn't have I've got other things to spend my money on, but jeez when you are in my boat where you frequently find yourself under a lot of stress sometimes the only escape is into the pixellated world. Yes here reality just fades away & you can clear your mind somewhat or look at things perhaps in an abstract perception. Anyhow I am a sucker for slick looking box art cuz I am an artist & SiN, episodes had some damn slick box art. Then I installed it, what a hassle if I could have afforded too I would have thrown my laptop on the ground & stomped on it, anyhow after several hours I got the game working & the eye candy is amazing as well as the physics to a certain extend, my laptop isn't as beefy as my tower so it lags on occasion. Anyhow I went & downloaded the fansite kit like any geek does & looked at all the concept art, renders, logos, etc. I still wish I had my old site cuz I'd throw up a little page for it but anyhow here is a pic of one of the main charecters, she is your sidekick more or less, I have only played the game a couple of hours. The artwork here is spectaculair I must say.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What Agent 47 Might Write If He Were A Poet

I have just picked up one of my favourite games from a franchise. Yes Hitman: Contracts rocks. I played the 1st game but evetually gave up cuz the controls were wonky & the cutscenes always cut in on my action. The 2nd was freaking awesome I played that one with a fury, yes I know that sounds funny & is meant to be. Anyhow here I am in the 3rd installment, there is a 4th one out or coming out soon. Anyhow I got to think how just how much fun I have had creating pixellated mayhem & then thought hey, why not try to write a poem & pretend Iwas Agent 47. Yes the pyschological profile of a game charecter if he were a poet, ha, ha, kinda' funny. Then again after all the headspaces I have climbed into over these past few years this is like a vacation. Anyhow here it is.

Flowers For The Fallen

It's spring time again
The winter was bitter
Now life begins once more
The memories from yesterday
Have all but faded
Yet for some unknown reason
When I look at flowers
I think of all the people I've killed
& find beauty in the destruction
Yes it was all so systematic
Done with all the finesse of a dancer
I know what you are thinking
It all looks so easy
But it takes years of practice to become this deadly
One by one I take them down
Sometimes others get in the way
Can't leave no evidence so they must go as well
I like to try to keep it to one shot one kill
But sometimes when they are shooting at you from a throng
You mow them all down
The sounds of gunfire, the smell of gunpowder, the flashes from muzzles
The screams, shouts, & gurgles of the dying
The bodies hitting the ground, the casings bouncing & rolling around
It all begins to sound like a symphony
Time slows down
I read my opponents movements
Gotta' stay one step ahead
Then when all is said & done
I go back home, to the hotel I am staying at or whatever
Take a nice hot shower
A bath if there is one
Try to unwind & think about something else
It is here where I begin to think of flowers
Chyrsanthenums, roses, begonia, pansies, & hundreds of others
So there you have it
The reason I sometime look neither here nor there
When clutching a flower
It takes me away from all the madness
But serves as a subltle reminder

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Here We Go Again

Yes, once again this country stuns me. As I have posted in many places before the gun in the pic is a bb gun that fires plastic bbs. I have heard whispers the Canadian Forces were looking for me again. Oh jeez will they never give up their sillyness. Anyhow for all those who think I am training for the Canadian Forces or have been programmed by them or am a member of JTF2 give it a rest, you are only proving how pathetic this country is & how you long for me to be some kinda' iconic figure for the CF, get a life. Like I have stated numerous times if you ever see me in a CF uniform chances are someone has installed a cranial screwtop on my head & scooped out my brains with an ice cream scoop. Besides why would I join an army that can't find me. I am obviously way smarter than all their best trackers combined ( as was proven a few months ago when the combined might of the R.C.M.P., C.S.I.S., & C.F. couldn't find me in Canada after they had declared me a terrorist & I fled to the U.S., cuz they know I am not a terrorist ). I am not even trying to hide. Hell lots of folks in cowtown know where I am. If they put their brains together they might be able to track my cell since I still carry it around & use it as an expensive time piece. People from the U.S. know whre I am. Folks from other countries probably know where I am. Anyhow enough of that. It gets so tiring after awhile.

I have been busy cooking some new beats, I have lots of catchy stuff. A few days ago I made a new song about an old friend of mine who discovered cocaine & heroine, & how she fell from grace & now sells her body on the street to feed her addiction. She was a sweet girl, I have no idea where she is now I called her folks a few months ago & they told me what had happened. Apparently she is now somewhere out on the west coast. What a tragedy, she was a damn hot erotic poet. She wrote some of the steamiest poetry to ever grace my ears.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Art is War, War is Art

This is an example of a sig. This sig is way to big for most forums. Also you usually have to host your own sig, on your own site, or a site that will let you do so. On my old site I had 2 sig galleries & they featured all the sigs I made over the years for various forums I posted in.
Anyhow sigs usually feature some pic, some text, or whatever usually reflecting something of the person they were designed for or the forum or whatever they were designed for. This is a pretty basic one. It just has a picture & some text. A lot of people use flash & other things. I have not gone that route yet, since I don't have that kinda' software. Anyhow this post was gonna' be about something else but it ended up as this. I am tired I thik I'm gonna' crash.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hello Uncle Sam

I see the US Army Reserve has fallen short of it's goal again. Heck I'd sign up in a flash if I wasn't in the boat I was in. Of course in saying that Canda will do it's darndest to make sure I never join the US Army. They sabotaged my last efffort. They even recruited my mom & many others who I thought were my friends to help. So now instead of being already done a whack of training & more than likely heading off to Iraq, or Afghanistan, I am stuck in cowtown, & am bankrupt. Surrounded by American haters. Oh well. Maybe when I get out of this mess I will get my poop in a group & head back down there, but this time tell no one from Canada where & when I am going. As well instead of going to train in the mointains maybe I'll just rent some little trailer in te desert & train there seeings as how both Iraq & Afghanistan in certain parts are like desert. Also I like cacti, coyotes, & all the desert critters, & other things. I think I still have what it takes to be a scout, some military intel guy, or whatever. Heck I'd even sit behind a desk if I had too. Anyhow I have babbled on long enough. Just got back to the place I am urban camping at need to take a shower.
Anyways I went to see Mission Impossible 3 & one of Ethan's bosses says "I'd bleed on the stripes of the American flag if it'd help keep them red." I too would. I figure with someone like myself out there just maybe I'd be on my toes a little more than someone younger & could help keep my squadmates a little more safe. It kinda' strikes me as sad when I see these younger guys with familys die, when if it were someone like me who has no one & mothing it wouldn't matter too much. Anyhow if you are familliar with my old site you are familliar with my views & I don't need to explain them.

Back When I Used To Cut The Rug

Yes, it's been quite awhile since I've set foot in a dance studio to learn anything. On a few occasions I've been in some shows, I've tried my hand at chorepgraphy & a couple of times have been forced to teach. I am not a teacher so I found it rather ridiculous. First was for some grade school kids. I worked out an easy funky combo for them set to a Macy Gray tune & I was surprisd at how quick the little buggers caught on & actaully at how good I was at captivating their attention. I took a class of 30 kids & in a little over an hour had them do an entire song's worth of dancing. For those who are unfamilliar with dance let's just say that is rather good. On another occassion I was at the Banff Centre & stuck in some god awful crazy native piece & the director was rather stunned to say the least & in no way qualified to be in charge of as good of a cast as she had assembled. Anyhow one by one we got fired. THe main reason for me being toasted was she wanted me to teach another actor to tap dance in under a week. I said lady I am just a begginer at tap, I may have had some Irish, Flamenco, & other training but I am not qualified to do it, & what you are asking is pretty much impossible. She just said well I am not qualified to do this & that but I do it. So off I went after a long day of rehersal to our studio & began to teach this guy some basic tap stuff. I first started out with some warm up exercises, ie stretches you usually do anyway to avoid fatigue & cramping up & that sort of thing. They were really super easy & I told him not to overexert himself in anyway & if anything feels funny it could be a sign you are going too far. Anyhow after getting loosened up we did some basic tap stuff, shuffles, ball changes, riffles, scuffs, grapevine, etc.. Then he said the director told him I had other dance training & wanted to explore some more so we did some travelling across the floor, jazz walks, damn I forget the name of that sideways thing but it looks neat, & other stuff which at the time I could do quite well. Also I was kinda' freaked out cuz right next door over in the next studio were a bunch of my teachers from DJD & the last thing I wanted to do was look like an idiot & teach someone the wrong thing. Every single dance class & teacher played through my mind those nights. I kept checking in the mirror to make sure I was doing the right thing & so was dude. During the strecthces I walked around him made sure all the angles were right, feet were in the right position, pelvis, hips, arms, hands. Then I got into explaining about how you gotta go down to go up & up to go down, the need for core strength, & a zillion other things. On & on I played all the videos of every class I could remember & every teachers techniques. Anyhow it ended up being our exploration of tap, jazz, ballet, & native dance all mixed into one hodge podge of a thing. During the native stuff our roles were reversed since Iwas unfamilliar with that aspect of my heritage. At the end of our classes, practices, exploration or whatever I suggest just a light stretch since that is how most classes ended where I was taught & just seemed natural since I did notice I had become somewhat stiff. I told my compadre he should as well, but when it came time to do the stretch at the end he bailed & I said dude that's probably not a good idea since we were more or less putting in over 12 hours a day to this show with all of our acting & other stuff. Add to that it was winter & we were in the mountains. Anyhow I told the director this & I told her that I dude he should stop any time he felt tired or whatever. I could go on & on for days. Anyhow he ended up getting cramps or something like that. Sometimes before I got there in the evening after supper, a cigarette, & whatever he'd go there earlier. I let him use my tap shoes, & he'd be there doing some further exploration on his own of what we covered although at a somewhat erratic pace. With the director being hte quack she was anyhow I eventually got fired, I was wondering when my time might come & it did. Since dude wasn't able to tap dance, & perform miracles at the end of the week I was to blame. I said hey I am not a dance teacher & to get really good it takes years not days. Anyhow I was dismissed the next day. There were a dozen riduclous reasons she set down on a piece of paper. I think my favourite one was "Jeff does not grab the feather when he wants to talk in the circle." "Due to Jeff's extremely punishing workouts dude has been injured, Jeff kept on pushing & pushing putting another person in mortal danger" & there was "Jeff does not appreciate our native teachings". Give me a break I came to do a show, I came to act, I came to dance. I thought the company had all the proper folks in place. I did not sign on to teach, I did not sign on to hold feathers when I talk, etc.. I am an actor, a somewhat okay dancer to a certain degree. For what she described & what I was hired for I knew I could do the job. Having been in numerous productions before in theatre, tv, film, stilt walking, etc., I knew the correct etiquette & protocol for the gig. Anyhow when I got back to Cowtown I had a friend go "You worker for her, she fires everyone usually, it's a wonder how she gets any money at all." Needless to say after that little incident anything native is scratched off my list unless I myself am directing it, producing it or whatever. Even then it wouldn't be native cuz I am not native. I am your average eccentric, half breed.

Anyhow this post was supposed to be how when I saw one of my former teachers the other night at a show I went to watch how she & I were quite happy to see each other even though it was briefly & we didn't talk. Back when I first wanted to learn how to dance I went to DJD & it was different then compared to now & I just found my little niche as the curious student who had other skills the dancers did not posses so I guess that's what caught their attention. Not too mention I was & still am somewhat of a loveable loon. Those girls & lads accepted me for what I was & the company was like some kinda' familly & I was the stray cat who came to the door for some milk quite often. Actually in my eyes they were like abunch of cats as well. Also being a little rough around the edges was something that fascinated them as well. Who knows for sure. Anyhow as time went one I learned more & studied & studied, & more or less had the run of the place when I fancied it. They were quite inspirational, I don't know if I inspired them, but it was wierd how we all grew fond of one another. Anyhow the lads have wandered on since then, new ones have taken their place, the girls are here in town I think, also new ones have come & left the fold. I engratiated myself upon them as a curiousity. Dance is just so wierd. I think just being the anomally I was also helped. All in all it's just to long & detailed to tell exactly. In brief though there is more than the student/ teacher thing. Sometimes the roles were reversed. Other times just firneds, follow artists, or whatever. I loved to watch them grow & I think they got a kick out of watching me as well. U-m-m this might be a strecth but sometimes I think they saw me as their spiritual guru. Little did they know that they too were feeding me some soul. Anyways when I do see one of them it puts a little spring in my step, my heart beats just a wee bit faster, & that sort of thing. I did some pretty kooky stuff for them over the years, but it was all fun in some kinda' way.

Monday, May 08, 2006

It's Been A long Haul

I sit here after taking a shower. Listening to the music I have made on this laptop since October of last year. The first song I created on this laptop was called "Another Song For Laura" since I had written a few of them. It's just me rambling on, about this girl I met, then had a couple of little adventures with. I guess her being so adventurous was what I found most attractive. Also she was a super athelete. She literally ran circles around me on the beach.

Now playing is Arlington. Anyone who was familliar with my site knew the story behind this one. I think I will go back to it & fill it in more & maybe throw some words in there. For those of you who have no clue, I guess you will just remain in the dark. On the dvd I might be coming out with I'll include the videos, a whack of photos, all the music since then. The rough cuts, then the finished pieces. It's kind interesting how a bit of music evolves. Of course sometimes you hit the nail right on the head & well that's it. The newest pieces are mixed in with the older ones. I can't wait until it's finished & then start working on some kinda' song order. I am pleasantly surprised at what I have cooked up. Basically all the stuff I grew up liking is there blended together in bits & pieces & brought kinda' sorta' up to date & yet is original cuz like I said before I never really whipped out the old how to build a song book, took lessons, or learned any artists songs. Okay I lied there I can play Yankee Doodle, Ode To Joy, & Walk Of The Trolls. As for artists I like there are none. I can't read music, & tab drives me up the wall. Plus I'm kinda' impatient & lazy.

Mr. Mo & Ms. Leicha is on now. I tried to capture the spirit of my frinds' two cats when the are acting like loons & are horsing around. I think the inspiration stems from flight of the bumblebee. This though is vastly different. Also for some odd reason I was trying to imagine them if they were dancing like humans on 2 feet. This stems from the day when I accidently broke one of the funky coffee cups & when pressed for an explanation I said Mr. Mo did it when he was showing me that even though he was a cat he could dance, or something like that.

It's mainly hip hop but has strong undercurrent of everything. Some of them are really catchy & the phrases are starting to be etched in my brain. That usually doesn't happen with the music I make. H-m-m-m-m-m well you know what I mean, actually I guess you might not if you aren't a musician. All those dance lesson I took too have found there way in here. Your parents had their jazz, maybe this is mine. Some of it is right out too lunch, but sprinkled with some delicious passages. Somof it is downright mean, some of it flighty, some of it eerie, etc.. Also you can feel a lot of the stuff I've been though, or places I've been too if that makes any sense. This is a sonic safari into the depths of my pysche.

Okay, after listening to all the tracks that currently are planned, minus the ones I have yet to create, there is roughly 53 minutes of music for 23 or 24, pieces of music I have created. & here I thought I was gonna' have a rough time of coming up with something 45 minutes long. Yes this indeed will be an interesting beast to here once it is fully assembled. I haven't been this giddy about art/music/poetry/whatever in a long time.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


This is a picture from 11c of my defunct website. I found this lovely flower planted in the Queen's Park I forget the real name of it, but it was a park dedicated to her majesty here in cowtown(Actually now after coming back to edit this I remember the name, it's Riley Park). Yes she is fond of flowers I guess. I used to joke around I was her Majesty's Royal gardener. Of course this being Calgary you can pul the wool over people eye's really easily & there were some folks who were like "Really? Wow!" Then I used to joke about being the Royal Corgi walker & other things. Anyhow folks in this town are soft in the head. I was out & about today, & of course there were some folks who were like "There's that guy who likes Americans & hates terrorists, he's fucked! What a freak!" Then the other who were with him agreed & laughed. I was kinda' surprised they didn't mention I wasn't fond of communism, & how evil I was for that. This guy was Chinese. Not all Chinese are good or bad or whatever folks they think they are (My best friend in grade 3 was a guy by the name of Sherman Kong, & I used to protect him from the Vietnamese bullies). I like to think of individuals as humans until they prove me wrong, but here in Canada & in the US an increasing amount of them are here for espionage purposes. Simple little things we may not notice they pass along. Anyhow there lots of documentation on that sort of thing. I wonder what sort of person this lad was. Yes, like that wierd little picture I have somewhere on this blog somewhere else, maybe China has already conquered most of Canada through mind control programs. The weak minded ones fall first then they drag their friends, relatives & others along with them eventually. I just sit here & watch it all going on. Bit by bit the Canada I once knew is disintergrating. Yes folks like the seasons, things follow patterns. First there is spring, then there is summer, then there is autumn, then there is winter. I don't know about you but I can feel something out there rippling. Maybe were gonna' soon get hit by an asteroid, meteor, comet, planet, or some other yet unknown cosmic event. Maybe way out there in space something went supernova or whatever 50,000 years ago & is just now making it's way in our direction.