Saturday, January 28, 2006

Space Cowboy Eggs

Space Cowboy Eggs

Sick of ordinary eggs? Make some Space Cowboy Eggs. Follow these simple steps to make them. If you can prepare tea, toast, or Kraft Dinner, chances are you can make these, provided you aren't too stupid. Believe me there are people out there who can't even make jello. When I get another website I will have more recipes, & maybe some video, but for now I'll just settle for we'll just go with this.

Eggs, margarine or butter, hot sauce, worchestire sauce, soy sauce, salt, & pepper.

Cooking Utensiles:
Stove (fire is just as good provided you know how to cook over an open fire, pavement isn't recommended nor the hoods of cars, stomachs are okay you just gotta find someone willing, patient, & preferably of the opposite sex.) non-stick frying pan, plastic spatula.

1. Place a non-stick frying pan on an element of the stove & heat at medium.

2. Take some margarine or butter, or whatever you fancy & put it in the frying pan.

3. When margarine melts, take frying pan off of stove & swish around the margarine until it evenly covers the bottom of the pan. Very important, failure to do exactly as instructed will result in inferior tasting eggs.

4. Place frying pan back on stove, crack eggs on frying pan, then brake open a few inches directly above pan. Make sure not to do this while distracted, you might miss the frying pan.

5. Reduce heat to 2, or just above minimum.

6. Add hotsauce, worchestire sauce, & soy sauce directly to eggs. About 6 shots of each will be sufficient, adjust amounts according to personal prefrence. Make sure you add the sauces in the prescribed order. Yes incase you haven't figured it out yet, failure to do so will result in inferior tasting eggs!

7. Cover the frying pan with a lid & let eggs cook for a bit. I usually fart around on the computer for about 5 minutes or so.

8. Remove lid, & turn off stove.

9. Using a plastic spatula break apart the cooked eggs, then scoop them up & place them on a plate directly from frying pan on the stove & enjoy. Add salt & pepper right before eating.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Sometimes I wonder if I am the only Canadian left who is not under the mind control of the communists. WW3 could already be happening in a psychological perspective. It seems crazy, but you nenver know. Yes my fellow countrymen & women. Wakey, wakey.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Cher Che Le Femme

I've been watching too many sci-fi films lately. Blade Runner, Ghost Inside The Shell, etc.. If any race will make the transition from human to cyborg, I think the Japanese will do it first. Then again who knows for sure. There are probably all kinds of clandestine experiments going on all over the world. Heck, I just might be one of them, or you, the person reading this.

P.s as an after thought I added the title, but I wonder if that is how you spell it in french. I once was in a musical, actually no I was the A.S.M. for a production of "The Butler Did It Singing" & that was one of the songs in it, or was it "Eating Raoul" I can't remember it was too long ago.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Art Hurts My Brain Sometimes

Oh wow, fancy, Schmancy, now I really wish I still had my website. Oh well. This puppy here I made using Microsoft Digital Image Pro 10. The picture is of some kinda' oriental or middle eatern temple in Niagra Falls, on the Canada side. Anyways like always. No one wants me to get ahead they would rather see me suffer. My mother is another one of those. What an evil bitch keeping my father's side of the familly hidden from me until I was in my 30's. My Grandmother has gone senile & she can't really remember me, my dad is old, I have another half brother, he's alright. My mother wonders why I don't want to hear anything from my other half brothers that are from her & some guy named Larry. Well they are drunks & are doing jack-a-loo with their lives. That could be a reason. Anyhow I will stay here as long as it takes to get my long birth form filled out & maybe get started with getting my treaty. Yes that would be nice. Instead of me owing the government 5 or $600.00 they would owe my tens of thousands due to all the tax I have paid. Anyhow if worse comes to worse I can always track down my aunt & hopefully get the info from her. She doesn't seem as cold, dull & lifeless as my mother. I actually think my mother is some kinda' alien, I have never encountered someone like her. As I have mentioned somewhere before it is like a blackhole of wierdness surrounds her. Anyhow once I get all that sorted out I can get back on track with joining the US Army. I am too old for the regular forces but I can stilljoin the reserve. My ideal situation would be for me to be in the reserve in Psychological Operations, a Scout, a Sniper, or in Military Intelligence, as well as doing some Red Cross stuff now & again, mixed in with some bounty hunting, arts & entertainment stuff, & of course my normal monkeying around on the internet with either a website, blog, or on-line gaming. In cowtown I had a pretty good situation, I worked for the city, had my website, worked in arts & entertainment now & again, & did other odd jobs here & there. Yes This last sentence here was added during the edit so if the next sentence doesn't exactly seem like it fits into the flow of things, talk to the hand, jk, lol.

My who journey started out to join the Army then I got sidetracked by some commies who were trying to convert me into some brained dead baptist. I'm not knocking church folks, it's just that I don't need religion, especially from some crazy minister who is from South Africa & gets a kick out of watching me when I sleep. I often debate whether or not I should call my foster sister & say hey look out for this psycho when you son is over there. Yes one day I walked in & there was her son sitting naked on a chair with the minister & his wife talking to him about his homework. WTF! True they did spend alot of time babysitting him & looking after him when my foster sister couldn't but like the kid is 13 now, that's just fucked. What gets me is that he is a teacher for some Baptist Academy in Ostego, Michigan. Yes if my kid went there I would be concerned.

Anyhow the story behind me & then is a long one. I'll condense it.

Basically one of my half brother's from Larry's side got adopted by these folks when he was young. I went go visit him back in the early 80's once or twice in Penticton. I liked them & they liked me so the next thing you know is I leave the foster home I was at in Calgary & go live with them. They were Baptists so I just put up with church, what was an hour or 2 every week when I got to live in the Okanogan. Anyhow after 2 years or so they were gonna' move to the US. They offered to adopt me & I said no & was quite rebellious at the time & had discovered girls, & my half brother had left them to go live with another of their older foster kids who had moved to Edmonton & worked there at Eaton's.

Just to set the story straight as to why I can't stand church & all that b.s. is because if there is a god & all that crap I shagged some girl in the chappel of a church during lunch hour (it was consensual, heck I even had her bestfriend outside to whistle as a warning if someone was coming) at a private christain school & even though he has not blown off my dick with a bolt of lightning I often wonder if I am suffering the way I am suffering because of it or did they brainwash me with so much guilt I just can't really clear my conscience of what others would consider a legendary place to get it on with someone. Anyways in writing this whole thing I wonder if religions lead to all kinds of fucked up sexual behavior. Anyone who's been in or around churches has heard or been witness to some crazy stuff. So now I ask what are all you church people doing after church or during church? Maybe they really have mistaken the Bible, maybe it is really some old porn from way back when & unbeknownst to them they are slowly but surely living out all the crazy stuff they preach against. Maybe God was Saturn, & the Bible is a guide to Saturnalia. Jk.. Now I now all the religious fanatics are gonna' be shooting death rays out of their eyes at me.

Okay so my half bro leaves, I am in some kinda' psycho Southern Baptist wannabe commando group as the drill instructor, I live with a Baptist Minister & his fat wife, & their horny toy poodle that likes to shag my blanket even though she is a girl & has been to see the vet. Yes way back when, I was training to be a holy Christian warrior, the opposite to today's muslim Jihadis. I find it funny how the South Africans knew way back then there was gonna' be something like 9-11. I was told then in the early 80's there would one day be a holy war & I was being prepared to fight it in the name of Jeseus Christ by a member of the Canadian Airborne & a Vietnam Vet who was a former Marine LRRP.

Anyhow I left these folks cuz that was just mental. I had tried to run away once I ended up staying with some bikers & hookers. They cleaverly extracted the phone number from me & called them to tell them where I was. So bikers & hookers do have hearts afterall & aren't as evil as folks paint them out to be. Then finally I ended up calling a social worker & saying hey. "The jig is up send me back to cowtown". That of course happend after when they said they wanted to adopt me & my brother had left & all sorts of other insanity.

Anyways I later visited them in the 90's. I often called them & said I was sorry. Then just last summer after my real dad had bailed out on having me stay with him until I had my stuff with the Army sorted out, due to his wife getting sick I went to go visit them. Oh it's get really crazy from there becuase if you know any of the history of this particulair junket & why I went on it this is another of the missing pieces to the puzzle that is scattered across the internet, in people digital cameras, on hard drives, on disks, on cds, dvds, in notebooks, video, & the list goes on & on & on. I don't even think I could find all the documentation on my life if I tried. Some folks have puposely hidden it or with held the information from me & a million other things.

Anyways I went to go join the US Army this summer since it was my last kick at the cat, then ended up joining the American Red Cross, & did a stint in Falls Curch, Virginia on the phones. Now after having been sidetracked & stomped upon by so many Canadians due to helping out Americans & basically telling my country to hoop it since my & it's political views widely differ & after travelling an extra 7,000 miles, across Canada, & the US by train plane, bus, auto, boat, foot, & bicycle I am now turning full circle & am heading back to my objective which is joining the Army. Once my mom gets my long birth certifacte filled out correctly since my dad is an America citizen I can more than likely go live in the US. If I do get my staus card I can go live in the US cuz I am a registered injun & am more American than most Americans. If Canada continues to treat me like crap I just might go apply for asylum & go live in the US or maybe theUK or somewhere else. Anyways I am finally back on track kinda' sorta'. This has been one heck of a long trip & it is far from over. (There's just way too much info for it too make sense.)

Don't you just love how blogs seem to love to take your nicely corrected work & throw a wrench into it during the rebuild? Or it could be that my Turion 64bit AMD processor inside a Compaq Presario V2000 is just a little bit too much for most programs today & no matter how much they tweak them or I tweak my machine, there will always be inconsistancies going from 64 bit dowwn to 32 bit & back forth a gazillion times. Come on folks catch up. Everyone over here on the 64bit side is getting restless & annoyed.

Friday, January 13, 2006

James Bond Doesn't Hold A Candle To Me, Lol, Jk.

This is the most recent picture of me. I took it last night. Yes, it is purposely crappy. I am kinda' like Osama Bin Laden right now (I have made finding him my petproject). I am in hiding. Yes, psychological profiling has been a favourite past time of mine ever since I seen Silence Of The Lambs. I loved how Jody Foster's charecter "Starling" climbed into Anthony Hopkin's mind "Hannibal Lecture". When the Washington sniper thing was going on I did a profile on him & told it to a few of my workmates & they thought it sounded credible & they said I should call the FBI with my info. I tried to but they stonewalled me on every attempt. The sad thing about it all was my profile was closer to the 2 people than all of theirs combined. I also didn't guess 2 people, but anyways that is in the past. There could have been less deaths.

I am typing now because the person who I am living with for the time being isn't smart enough to talk too. When I do end up talking it is usually short. I miss intelligent coversation. I am losing my voice now due to not talking very often, well not really but it is getting really weak. Trying to get info for her is almost impossible as well. Yes I am here in this dive of a town to collect some info I need so I can get other papers I need to move on with my life. It is frustrating becuase she is so stupid & won't give the info. Always some stupid story to draw me away from what I want. Being in as precarious as a position as I am in I can't say "Fuck you then, stick it up your ass, you dumb bitch!" So I have to be nice. I really can't stand Canada, & the way the general population thinks. I miss the U.S., I miss Washington, D.C.. That was my kinda' town, well other than good old cowtown. The only thing bad about cowtown was once again the mindset of the people, what is it with Canada? Those who have been to my website when it was up know what I am referring too, those that don't I guess will have to be kept in the dark until I can once again get my own website & present things in my peculiar fashion.

Incase you wonder how I ended up in Washington, D.C., I did some volunteer work for the American Red Cross during the Katrina & Rita thing. I think I was the only Canadian there. Sure there were others down where the chaos was but I think I was the only one on the phones in Falls Church. Wow, I heard some crazy stuff, & as messed up as my life is there are others who got it way worse than I do. I guess I should be thankful for what little I do have.

Anyways my mind goes kinda numb when my host is here. Could she be some kinda alien mutant? Or maybe some who knows what. It's like space & time warps around her in a very negative & mind numbing way. Oh well once I get the info & get some kinda' game plan I will leave as soon as possible. Who needs to go to spy school & take years of studying law & psychology when acting, travelling & life in general can at times be 10x harder depending on who you are & the situations you find yourself in.

Thinking about days gone by

Yikes I almost done did something, lol. Anyhow enough with bad grammar. I for one never thought I'd get into the blog thing, but I must admit it is addictive & simple as heck. Yeah I know I for those of your who tracked me here from where ever it is not as big & grand & decadent as my former website ( but it is my home now I guess. I should go try & remember the other things I started but have forgotten the passwords too. That's the thing with all of this. I have a million passwords now. It's kinda' crazy, but so am I. Anyhow this is a picture of me on a train in a breakfast car taken back in November. I have been on the road for far too long to return to a normal lifestyle right off the bat so I guess I will have to look for other creative means to make money. It's winter, not too many jobs are easily accessible for a guy like me who doesn't have a heck of a lot education on paper, but when it comes to real life & real life skills is not your average loon.

I used to be a city worker like I have said here or somewhere else. I worked 13 years at that. It was my first real job after leaving highschool. Sure I'd worked odd jobs, part time jobs & what have you before & full time for some mickey mouse companies. I guess I got too comfortable & too lazy, etc.. All the traits of a typical lifer for the city. Than one day I jumped over board. No one believed me when I had mentioned it in the previous months leading up to my departure. I guess the reason why I talk about my old job so much is because I really loved it. After 13 years of doing it I could drive or go almost anywhere in the city & point out some park or something I worked on.

Others jobs I held were a carpenters assistant, I helped build a few houses in cowtown & across the province. I was the original relief peer counsellor at The Alberta Safe House Society when it opened up, I used to get a kick out of it when years later after leaving, former clients would walk up to me & say "thanks", "do you remember me?" & all sorts of stuff. On occasion I didn't cuz there were so many kids that went through there. I once was a bicycle courier for a now defunct company, that was kinda' trippy, I had a few battles with cars, cube vans, & pedestrians, but I was like lightning so nothing too wild & wooly did transpire. I once was a busboy & banquet staff at the Danish Canadian Club, they loved me cuz I had "odin" in my name, & cuz I was a crazy drunk they thought no one else would hire. I think I am the only busboy or staff member who was hired & quit 3 times. That atests to my loveableness as a curious creature. Um what else, I was a telemarketer for a few places, a door to door salesman, a.k.a. barrelbagger, private gardener until my employer started pushing up daisys, & so many other things I can't even be bothered to write them down. Most notable were though my gigs with the Green Fools as a contract stiltwalker or associate artist. I dabbled in acting & was mainly an extra for many t.v. & film productions in & around Calgary. I even got a few gigs as a musician. I play guitar too, well that & harmonica. I got into the e-music as well. I use Sony's Acid Studio thingy. It's cool & easy as pie. When I had my website I'd edit a video then cook up some new beats just for the video, then upload the new production. Before the untimely demise I had just signed up with some newsgroup & was getting quite the following.

I guess the reason why I am all retrospective is because I tracked down a former classmate then she reminded me of others & one of the others has a blog on this platform I guess you'd call it. Wow I have done so much crazy stuff since then.

Anyhow the light is growing pretty dim for me. I have to figure out some kinda game plan. I am tremendously low on cash. Like retardedly gone into debt. I hope my Paypal thing goes through soon. Yes, I will be selling all of my manuscripts & everything else I possibly can on e-bay. I guess the only reason why I have not completely disappeared off the face of the earth is due to them. What is an artist without his or her art? Sure you burn it, destroy it sell it, or whatever, then they make more, but to have the amount I do then just sit there going, okay as much as it means to me I have to let it go. Yes there is 15 years of blood, sweat, tears, craziness, good times, tranquility, inspiration, despiration, & so much more lying ther in various sizes of notebooks. Some of them have long since yellowed & are dogearred & are falling apart. It's crazy. It like pieces of time right there in solid form, but crumbling due to their delicacy. A lot of them are coffee stained, beer stained, whiskey stained, tequila stained, etc.. Some of them you can still feel the cockroach powder that was applied to the baseboards of all the apartments of a certain fleabag apartment I used to live in on Centre St.. Ah the memories. Little did I know then of how kooky life would get. Some of it was so riduclous I just have to laugh. Anyways I got other stuff to do I don't know if this made any sense, but what does in life really?

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Momentum Shift

So there I was all happy & blind. Discontent lured me out. Having been on the road for so long I am not sure I have anything left worth going back too. I have lost it all. Still with the freedom I now have I must confess sooner or later it was bound to happen. Everyone who's ever known me knew I had a a wandering side to me. Unfortunately I didn't get going sooner. Christ!

Anyhow with no net underneath me I wander on. I got to find some place to go & just hang out & work & pay off some of my bills. With any luck though sooner or later I will get my Paypal account straightened out & I can sell my art, manuscripts & what have you on e-bay & with that pay back the folks I owe. Jeez credit cards are so easy to go crazy with. One thing leads to another, they are great then all of a sudden someone pulls the rug out & you are going WTF. Anyhow I have this blog, another blog somewhere else, & other stuff scattered across the internet. It's kinda' like my life. I have stuff scattered all over this country (Canada) & the US. It's just mainly clothes, books, extra gear that wasn't appropriate for the next stage of my wanderings.

Anyhow I was going to write a poem since I am still mainly a poet but I just don't have the inspiration right now. I mainly started this blog so I coud answer the post in another blog of one of my old schoolmates from way back when. I looked up another on the internet & found her, then she reminded me of some names I used to know. Curiousity lead me to searching for her by entering her name then I found her, well not really, but it does kinda' look like her, sound like her, etc., etc..

Damn I'm good at finding people, maybe I should've been a detective instead. Maybe I will study to become one when I get on better footing. For now it is mainly trying to keep my head above the water. As well as trying to formulate some kinda plan to move forward & continue on with my wandering. A big long work vacation in essence. Anyhow this all for now.