Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another Sad Poem Or Song

Writing poems
Thinking of dreams
Remembering bad times
& now another sad song
I put it on repeat
I put it on repeat
I put it on repeat
Another sad song
Oh Steve Earle
He really knows how to hook you

How many angels
Tried to save this little devil?
& then years down the road
He looks back
What a journey
Not the one intended
But what a fantastic journey
Blood & guts everywhere

There is no news
There is just the blues
& another sad song
Why me?
Why couldn't it be someone else?

Day turns to night
Night turns to day
Brew a pot of coffee
Sometimes wondering what it'd be like
To get back into whiskey
To get back even further into misery

I never should have laid my guitar down
I should never have picked it up again
& the same goes for the quill
I go spiralling down into morbidness
With the view of a seagull
In the eye of a tornado
There goes Dorthy
& the Wicked Witch of the West
I have no rubby red slippers
Just some worn out sandals & boots
I'd walk across the desert
Naked & without sun block under the blistering sun
Just to share a cup of tea with you
Jesus Christ how this crucifies me
Now being so helpless & hapless
But you know what
Atleast I still have a pulse
& that makes me wonder
How many ways have you died spiritually
I know I been buried atleast a dozens times
Maybe more (definitely more)
I've lost count & sometimes just don't care
Life can be cruel
& yes.... you've proved it once more
Anyhow it's kinda' wierd how happiness & sadness
Sometimes go hand in hand
& so the seasons go round & round
On & on, blah, blah, blah
I'm not an old dog
Nor a young one
But I've learned some new tricks
& of course some old ones
Gymnastics & ice skating showed me them
& so here I will defy gravity
& float above & beyond
This sad little poem & song
& will revel in the fact
I've travelled some more unfamilliar ground
Life can sometimes be like a blank piece of paper
You can fill it up with what you want
Just make sure it doesn't get burned
Or too wet & soggy
Otherwise you can't read
What's been spelled out

I miss you dearly
My old friend

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Time, Distance, & Technology

We were once good friends
We used to meet at the Unicorn
I'd play guitar at the jam
You'd be in the audience

Then you had to go back home
You gave me your address
I wrote you letters & sent you poems
Then one day silence

Now time, distance & technology has caught up
The only question is
Do you still want to recieve my poems, & songs
& when I go on vaction could we possibly meet?

I'm sure there is a nice cozy pub
Somewhere in Israel
If not & you come back to Canada
There are several here

Oh my how time has flown
I've had my share of adventures
You've had your share
It'd be so nice just to sit & talk with you once more

Time, distance, & technology
What a wonderful thing