Friday, November 14, 2008

First Post In A Long Time

God time flies by. A few years seem like a few months. Anyhow I have crammed a lot of poetry into my brain recently & sooner or later there will be another eruption of poems. Also I might pick up the guitar again & bang out some more tunes. The reason behind my delay in a lot of things is that I have gotten into videogaming big time again, & Facebook. It's freaking amazing. I was around when Pong came out & now am playing Far Cry 2 which is nothing less than astounding. If you are familliar with both you know what I am talking about. If you play Far Cry 2 feel free to e-mail me & I'll send you a deathmatch map I made if you want. Okay & then there's Facebook, a place to easily waste a lot of time basically doing next to nothing.

Artistically I have been busy with Most Vocal as the co-ordinator, a mantle that is kinda' funky to wear. I get to meet some of Canada's best poets, put together shows, & other duties. Back when I was with Single Onion I was just the poster boy. It wasn't a glamorous job but an essential one. Now, I make the posters, & yes I still stick them up. Single Onion was a great place to watch & learn.

Um what else? In my quest to understand Bukowski better I visited a massage parlour & got a massage & a whole lot more. Omg! I'm not sure if I caught something but to be on the safe side I will go to an STD clinic & get my junk checked out.

I could babble on more, there's a lot to say, it's been ages since I made a post. If by chance you are in Lethbridge on Monday November 17th you might want to head to the Round Street Cafe at 7:15 pm and catch Most Vocal's show Featuring Stuart Ross with myself, Blaine Greenwood, & Richard Stevenson opening up for him.