Thursday, August 11, 2011

Be Wary Of Canada

Alberta is awesome. Unfortunately it's part of Canada. I wish we'd split & become our own country or part of the US. There are still some folks here who are in vain trying to turn me into a communist, homo-sexual, terrorist hugging, retard . Lately I've been having people come & go from my place when I'm not here. The caretakers think I am crazy. I know I'm not. Anyhow I can't afford a security system, but if someone out there reading this could help me acquire one that would be awesome & I would be indebted to you. Or if there is someone from another country reading this & could help me immigrate somewhere else that would be awesome. I am a world class guitarist & legendary poet to some. I also am not too bad of a dancer, photographer & other things. I would be an asset to your country, & culture. Canada doesn't deserve someone like me. Your country does. Anyhow drop me a line if you can help me with my current dilemma in the comments box I will respond ASAP, but I rarely check e-mail for blogger. To contact me quicker send an e-mail to I check that on a daily basis. Ps visit my site as well it's Caio for now.