Monday, January 17, 2011

New Year Same Old Thing

It's a new year
Still the same old thing
One year older
One year closer until I pass
Maybe the winter makes me think
About my own mortality more than usual
Spring distracts you with the blossoms
Summer with the heat & sun
Autumn & the red, orange, & yellow leaves
Anyhow where the road take me this year?
Israel, France, Germany, who knows
Maybe I'll stay put
Look at what's in my own back yard
Oh Alberta how I love you
From the Rockies to the west
To the prairies out east
From Nord Egg
Down to Lethbridge
& everywhere in between, etc.
You are a mystery
You are not my mother
You are not my lover
But one can wish
& that makes me wonder
What would I look like
If I were a piece of geography?
I think I'd be an archipelago
Somewhere in the Indian ocean
Or a set of hidden caverns on Mars

Time & space
We slowly transcend
In one way or the other
At night sometimes if you are lucky
You might catch a glimpse of my soul
Leaving my body to go & dance
In the alternate realities we can not reach
While we are conscious

It's a new year
Still the same old thing