Thursday, August 11, 2011

Be Wary Of Canada

Alberta is awesome. Unfortunately it's part of Canada. I wish we'd split & become our own country or part of the US. There are still some folks here who are in vain trying to turn me into a communist, homo-sexual, terrorist hugging, retard . Lately I've been having people come & go from my place when I'm not here. The caretakers think I am crazy. I know I'm not. Anyhow I can't afford a security system, but if someone out there reading this could help me acquire one that would be awesome & I would be indebted to you. Or if there is someone from another country reading this & could help me immigrate somewhere else that would be awesome. I am a world class guitarist & legendary poet to some. I also am not too bad of a dancer, photographer & other things. I would be an asset to your country, & culture. Canada doesn't deserve someone like me. Your country does. Anyhow drop me a line if you can help me with my current dilemma in the comments box I will respond ASAP, but I rarely check e-mail for blogger. To contact me quicker send an e-mail to I check that on a daily basis. Ps visit my site as well it's Caio for now.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hot July evening

I have no air conditioning at my place. It must be damn near 35c or more right now. Not a whole lot is going on. I have a stalker, & someone has been breaking into my place when I'm not here. I had the locks changed on Friday. I haven't noticed anything weird yet, but that could just only mean that they are being more careful. The caretakers of the building are dismissing the stuff I say because they know & now you do that I have schizophrenia. So with that said they think I am just manifesting these things & nothing is happening.

I have lived in various places across the country in my life & nothing like this has happened before except for the last place in Calgary I lived at. Some folks kept on coming into my place when I wasn't there as well. That all had to do with the fact that someone thought that they were programming me. Ha ha what a laugh. I once said that I could be programmed when I was applying for the CAF (Canadian Armed Forces) just as a laugh & I guess they took it serious. I got the idea from the Jason Bourne movies. Anyhow a lot of strangeness has ensued since then. It could be due to that. With that said I don't know what else to say. Other than I might be moving soon. To where I have no clue. But I've got too, or I can just stay here & pretend nothing is going on. More than likely I will turn it into a play about how pathetic some people are. I have lived a very colorful life & have been around the block many times so you have to wake up pretty early in the morning to pull the wool over my eyes. I have lived on skid row & have also entertained entertained some of the world most powerful people.

I like reading right now I am reading the Millennium trilogy by Stieg Larrson. I just finished reading "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" & am starting "The Girl Who Played With Fire." The reason I am drawn to these books was at first by the names of them. Then I saw the teaser trailer for "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" & it features Daniel Craig who is one of my favourite actors so I thought this is something I should look into. Now after reading the book & watching the trailer I can now make more sense of it. I can't wait until Christmas. Hopefully they will make the other 2 & have them play every Christmas like the way the Lord Of The Rings was presented. Well I guess this is it for now. Ciao.

Just to add to the weirdness even more, maybe I am not from Earth maybe I have been sent here from another dimension just in time to watch the ...(you fill in the blank).

Monday, May 30, 2011

I Know You're Out There Somwhere Tonight (for Leda)

I know you're out there somewher tonight
I wish I was with you danicng in the fire light
It's been so long
I could break out in song
But instead
I'll just write a poem
& keep it short & sweet
Oh my dear friend
Where are you?

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Year Same Old Thing

It's a new year
Still the same old thing
One year older
One year closer until I pass
Maybe the winter makes me think
About my own mortality more than usual
Spring distracts you with the blossoms
Summer with the heat & sun
Autumn & the red, orange, & yellow leaves
Anyhow where the road take me this year?
Israel, France, Germany, who knows
Maybe I'll stay put
Look at what's in my own back yard
Oh Alberta how I love you
From the Rockies to the west
To the prairies out east
From Nord Egg
Down to Lethbridge
& everywhere in between, etc.
You are a mystery
You are not my mother
You are not my lover
But one can wish
& that makes me wonder
What would I look like
If I were a piece of geography?
I think I'd be an archipelago
Somewhere in the Indian ocean
Or a set of hidden caverns on Mars

Time & space
We slowly transcend
In one way or the other
At night sometimes if you are lucky
You might catch a glimpse of my soul
Leaving my body to go & dance
In the alternate realities we can not reach
While we are conscious

It's a new year
Still the same old thing