Saturday, April 21, 2012

How safe are your secrets in Canada?

If I were American or British & I had some Canadian companies manufacturing military products for them I would probably cease them ASAP because of the hidden communist forces within Canada.

Stalker in the backyard.

I've confirmed it I just went downstairs to go to the store down the road to get some munchies & he is literally sitting not even 20 ft from my apartment door eating dinner with his friends who may or may not be aware of the situation. Does anyone out there know how to get rid of stalkers? His name is Elliot he drives a burgundy Dodge, he's kinda' short has several tattoos, he's white, maybe in his mid 30's, has a buzz cut, I could go on further but revealing too much info might not be legal.

Speaking of legality I've discovered a society I am part of really isn't a society at all, it has been in default for several years. To top it off I am president of that society. No one ever informed me of such stuff. So being in default or a non-society means we have to dig ourselves out of the hole it has fallen into. From what I've learned from another source is we could be held liable for all the backmonies owed. Anyhow it is going to be one hell of a job to get the boat up & floating again. I never knew art could be so... um looking for the word...retarded... nah, but you get the idea. It's plain old stupid.

Gayness abounds

I am surrounded by gayness & retards. The folks who proposed making a gay bomb must have sold that technology to someone in Canada who is trying to modify it by making it transmittable (via radio waves perhaps). So that means that more than likely my gay stalker is connected to them & they are trying to create an army of homo-sexual, communist, terrorist hugging, retards. Anyhow I ran into my gay stalker 2 times today. Once while I was heading to Staples, & then when I was at Starbuck's. Currently it looks like his truck is parked in the back yard & he is visiting the neighbors whom I now suspect being in cahoots with him. Together with all their gay powers combined they still can not turn me. I was raised with good old fashioned US & UK ideas. I wonder what the average Canadian is raised with. Maybe there will come a day when they will tell their stories as for now one can only guess. A few years back there were some school teachers teaching that the people in the US & UK were evil & deserved to burn in hell & other absurd things. What they are teaching now who knows. Maybe someone should send their kids to school armed with various electronic nic nacs & discover what is going on now. Anyhow that is all for today. Anyone out there curious as to how retarded my life can be just follow me for a day or 2 & you will more than likely stumble across all the kooks who are trying to make me Ca-gay-dian. No I'm not a homophobe my favourite gay actor is George Takei. Ciao for now.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just another night

H-m-m-m what's going on? I'm not sure. Anyhow it's the usual or maybe coincidence people following me where ever I go & wondering what I do. Well basically it's not really too exciting. I work at a gas station, I'm the President (yay my new title for Most Vocal Poets society) of a poetry group, & I have gotten back into art (actually I was never in it  [as in actually having people by it] but now am). What else I have a website, I write poetry, I might start playing guitar again & other stuff.

It's amazing how age creeps up on you. One day you're young & invincible several years down the line, not the case. My left hip is acting up, I am not regular on the weekends (as in having to take a dump), my neck is stiff I have discs that are fusing together, & the list could go on. Anyhow next week is election week here in Alberta. I will be voting for the first time in my 40 years. Even though my friends might not like my choice I have to side with the Conservatives. I more or less have been one most my life. There was a time or 2 when I was Liberal. Then as time passed I seen that they were not my cup of tea. As for the Wild Rose they seem just a little too wild for me. I haven't studied their platform but from the bits & pieces I have heard I don't think I could support them.

There are 2 shows (art) coming up here in Lethbridge one's theme is "Classic cars" (Batmobile, the Starsky & Hutch car, Genral Lee, Mustangs, Corvettes, VW Beetles, etc..) & the other is "The End Is Near" The first one is being put on by "Think Tank Events" & the other is "The Potemkin Collective" which I was recently added too, which by the way is really cool. As for the medium I'll use I'm not sure. I have done drawing in the past, some water colours, some oil, some pastel, some photography, some video & some multi-media. I have been stewing over several ideas but haven't come across anything concrete yet. I have a couple of months to do them in. This time I'm taking more time to prepare. For "Shuffle Up & Deal 1" (another Think Tank Event) I did the 5 of Diamonds in an afternoon. For "Shuffle Up & Deal 2" where I was the 2 of clubs it took me about a week. For the Star Wars Art Show it took me a week & 1/2. Lighting is everything when it comes to photography. I spent hours & hours tweaking the exposure, the saturation, etc..

Anyhow I guess I should get rolling Steve Earle tickets go on sale tommorow. I hope I can snag some. Steve Earle has been one of my most influential muscians. From Guitar Town right up until today & beyond he's done so much awesome stuff.