Monday, February 20, 2006

The Alien World

How many more lies will my mom tell. Anyhow I am off on another junket. It's starting with a slow crawl. Comrade Canuck is trying to get me to stay in the north, the Gulag. I will leave this place one way or another. Preferably on my own two feet, but it just might have to be a casket. They are trying to make me join the CF. Ha, I never will. You can destroy my familly, the deserve to be except for those on my father's side. Anyhow if anyone anywhere in the world ever see's me in the C anadian uniform you will known I am not there by choice. They will have captured me & scooped out my brain. I hope my alien buddies read this & abduct me to get me away from the crazy commies. Anyhow time is short I have to roll.

Forgot What I Was Gonna' Say

I forgot what I was gonna' say, it had something to do with Replicants. No actually I just thought of that after altering this picture of my eye. It was taken out of foccuss. It's hard to do macro shots or any kind for that matter when you can't see the subject & are taking blind shots. Where & whe did Canada lose it's foccuss? When did I figure it out? Are there alternate realities. Who can say for sure when Canada went in the tiolet, I figured it out after 9/11 & before Iraq. As for alternate realities, they do exist. In one of them I am the commander of JTF2 & we are in Iraq & we are kicking ass. In another reality I was the guest admiral of an interplanetary armada that stopped an alien force from reaching Earth & destroying it. That battle was fought mainly out by Saturn. In another one I am just some ordinary resistance leader in what is left of humans in a global war against the aliens who have landed & destroyed most of civillization. You would not believe who are our allies in this one, but then again it boils down to the brotherhood of man versus the aliens. In this one I am just a crazy artist, lol. Yes for non-military realities in another one I am a porn director. I was the first to make the female version of the 21 gun salute. In another one I am a bumb, it's not much different from this current one, LMAO. & yet in other it goes towards science or politics. Of all of them this one sucks the most I think.

Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You

Okay maybe I'm not a mutant, lol. But hey it's Canada land of dellusion folks who think some crazy stuff about myself. Anyhow what I think happened in the other picture is that I set the flash to slow. Maybe what I was looking at reflected back into the lense or maybe the shutter was slow as well & when I turned the camera back around it caught what was there. Or maybe I am a mutant & one of my powers is projecting things into people's mind, but somehow the caera caught it. Maybe it could be ghosts as well, or demons, or angels, or all of them. Perhaps I was too bad for heaven & too good for hell so I got kicked out of both places & had some folks tag along for the return trip here.

My great grandmother on my father's side was a Shawnee Medicine woman. Perhaps some of her healing powers skipped a couple of generations & appeared in myself. Or maybe I have unlocked a cosmic mystery or two & this is a little more than mutation or projecting images. Maybe I am a jedi, lol. Just kidding but I was watching Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith when I took this. This is me in my road bandana. Yes for all you folks who like to wander, I myself prefer to wear a bandana cuz it's light, stylish, if you get caught in a dust storm you can make a face mask. For cooling off your brain just simply add water to it. You can use it as a wash clothe, you can use it as a tornequet, although that has gone out of fashion in first aid due to the amount of damage it does compared to good, you can tie things together with it. Should you run out of tiolet paper & don't want to use leaves or grass, & don't want to sacrifiece another piece of clothing such as a sock it would work as well, although I must admit I have not used it for that yet. If you are one of the crazy folks from the city whom I used to work with I guess you could even masturbate with it, lol jk. We had this thing about masturbation, feces, dawrves & singing songs we made up while at work mainly regarding our peers, & situation we found ourselves in, amongst other things, it would take too long to explain. Trust me it's just for fun & games, people often take everything I say the wrong way. That is the thing about most Canadians as well, very few of them are good conversationlists & don't undestand the nuances of speech, inflections, hyperbole, subtleness, humor, dark humor, mockery, self deprivation, & various other things to highlight things, or cast a concrete meaning or simply to season the conversation. If you want colourful conversation track down anyone in cowtown whom I worked with in Parks. Anyhow though I am not some rockstar, politician, or whatever, one could only imagine what trying to present my life as a movie would be like. I'd like to think just like Star Was it'd take atleast 6 episodes to do it justice & with the rate I am going you'd have to tack on several more as time goes on.

Oh yeah as well I have been given the power of orgasm. I can make girl sometimes melt just by walking by them, I have often heard of some rather exciting erotic dreams many have had of me. Perhaps I am like the earth spawn of some sexgod from wayback when. I wonder if Saturn had any offspring. Or perhaps I am just an ordinary alien hybrid or I have learned some kinda' sex magic. The Egyptians used to practice it as well as others. Anyhow it's late & I have to crash, sleep tight & don't let the bed bugs bite. If they do call an exterminator it's becoming a global epidemic, There aren't any here due to it being so cold, hurray for coldness.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

How Much Evil More Can Be Revealed

Well I guess it will be another 17 years before I come back here again. My mom has just capped off a well planned destruction of my life. "Oh don't go wandering, come hang out up north for a bit." I get here I get a job, oddly enough I get fired, next thing you know I am stranded. My mom has pissed so many people off I guess they want to get back at her through me. Anyhow I begin to notice these lettrs from the landlord about rent. My mom seems to think just because she has a job the landlord won't kick her out. Get real landlord rent units to make money, you don't pay you can't stay simple as that. So I keep on asking her what's the story "oh nothing is wrong" I soon find out she's been taken to court once before, to bail her out a couple of times she has taken out her holiday pay from work. Anyhow she was smart enough to finally figure out I knew she was lying about the rent so she got the landlady to discretely make sure she only got the letters & what not. Upon her getting up today she drops the bomb. "Would you go stay with aunty for awhile, I have to go to court & fight for this place." I should have just left when I still had money but I was sure I could get another job. Apparently anyone from Alberta is discriminated against here in Manitoba & to top it off my boss was a Paki & he liked Osama Bin Laden. ( I purposely directed his nephew to my website which contained my 2 cents on what I thought of Bin Laden. I was gonna wait to see if they'd ask me if I'd lke to become a martyr & all that crap, but I was just so sick of working for them because they violated so many labour laws & it didn't ake a rocket scientist to figure out there weren't exactly fans of the US, UK & the allies. A lot of recruitment occurs in public, work places & such in Canada) When he discovered that I would very much like to kick Osama's ass he fired me. So I guess that just leaves me with one question. Where does the profits from his business go? Do they go home to Pakistan, then get redirected to Al-Quaida. How many other business owners are doing this in Canada? Does the government know? More than likely they do but they are too busy appeasing the resident terrorists to do anything about this sort of thing. Besides they like the tax money so they can continue to harbour the terrorists who already are here. Isn't Canada wonderful. This is why I think it is the greatest unknown threat to freedom & democracy in the world today. Perhaps Comrade Canuck has recruited my mom & she has been slipping me some mind control drugs but they are not working & Comrade Canuck is irrate about it. There is more than one hand involved in my current situation. I've never had this much bad luck in my life. Maybe I have gotten too close to some major terrorism sponsors here in Canada.

If the new Canadian government doesn't soon allow bounty hunting in Canada I would have to say the terrorists here are paying the government a lot of money to keep it that way, or maybe they are just threatening them. Either way I will keep on petitioning the government to make it legal cuz I know I could make a decent living here if it ever came true.

I Want To Die

I wish someone would just kill me. Yes, that is how much I hate living in this country. So someone please do me a favour & splatter my brains all over the sides of the walls. Preferably at my mom's place just so she can see some sick assed stuff, I think she deserves it. Also it will put to rest all the things I have to complain about since I obviously won't be alive. The amount of pain I am feeling right now is getting to be almost unbearable at times. My teeth are rotting as you can see in the previous post. That hurts, think of cavities now multiply that by 10x atleast. Then there all my wisdom teeth. They are no longer little dinky seedlings. They are big assed mother fuckers. They are causing me a fair amount of pain as well. Also by someone putting me out of my misery I won't have to put up with all the retarded, communist, homo-sexual, terrorist hugging ways of Canada. Not have to be subjugating to all the braiwashed masses. Of coarse if I was living in another country I'd have the will to live, but in Canada I don't. Someone kill me please, do me a favour, or someone get me proper medical treatment but not in Canada. I'd rather kill myself before I let another Canadian doctor or dentist get anywhere near me.

Yes people of the world don't let a Canadaian doctor or denist anywhere near you or a loved one. If you have enemies you might want to send them to a Canadian doctor or dentist.

Oh yeah also when I got my tetanous shot & Hep B shot in the US I immediately started getting even more healthy. I think my liver shrunk. Anyhow upon returning to Canada I wanted to get the rest of my shots so I would be healthy. Every attempt to get them in Canada I was denied. In Kalamazoo I just simply strolled up to the community health clinic & asked & they gladly gave them to me, of course for a fee that was nominal. God bless the USA is all I can say. Canada you can rot & die like my teeth. Or is the Canadian version incompatible with the US version. Maybe Canada just gives out placebos. Anyhow thanks to the nurse who gave me the shots. I have become somewhat healthier, but obviously a tetanous shot & Hep B shot didn't do much for my teeth since they aren't designed for that. Or maybe Canada's version would cause me to become ill or something. Maybe they are just afraid of something. But what? H-m-m-m I am curious.

Okay after thinking about the whole dying thing I'd rather not, I think by living & continuing to defy Comrade Canuck no matter how much physical & mental trauma it puts me through I will soldier onward. Do your worst & I will just yawn, laugh, or make some morbid post. Anyhow before I wandered off onto this, the T3 just kicked in so I am a wee bit lucid right now. That's about the only good thing I have recieved from my mother in awhile. I wonder if she's like some kinda' pill popping junkie, that might explain why she is as stunned as she is. Or have the Jehovah's Witnesses braiwashed her into this state. My mom has their literature lying all over the place. I avoid it like the plague. There's probably some kinda' subliminal messages hidden all over the pace. An example' You are becoming more retarded as you read this" or something like that. Maybe I'll have to go investigtae some more JW's in the near future. Okay now back to what I was getting at. I'll make a deal with any chick or cougar in the US who digs scars & can get me to see a doctor or a dentist. You can stare at my scars or do what ever lewd act you want with them just get my some medical treatment. Yes you can grind you tasty bits all over all of my scars. I have tons of them. They are multilayered in some spots. I think in some areas I have damaged one area as many as 50 times. Yes god bless rapid skin cell regeneration. Anyhow since I am not in pain at the moment I think I am gonna' end this & go get some sleep. Yes I dream one day of having no physical pain. It seems ever since I turned 18 I have been in pain. 17 years of torment. That's a long time. Well I have had a few breaks from time to time but it has been rare. Perhaps I've just become so used to it, a constant low level ache. It would be interesting if there was scuh thing as a pain meter. What level would mine be at. What levels would it have climbed to at the very worst moments of my life. Actually just basically anyone from the US, UK or another country I would gladly paint you like some ultra big mural at your place or where ever in lieu of payment. I could teach a class of people to walk on stilts & some minor acting skils. I could make you a personal album or music just for you & only you to enjoy. If I still had my website up you could go there to see what I was capable of. I could think of a zillion other things. Maybe you'd like to learn the craft of being a Space Cowboy. I could put you through your very own Space Cowboy boot camp. In it would be bits & pieces of art, acting, physical fitness, some choreography, the Space Cowboy philosophy & other funky things. I once used to be a drill instructor for a para-miltary Christian commando group, I think I could atleast get you into a wee bit better shape than you already are. There are endless possibilities, basically I need medical help soon before it's too late, well actually it probably is too late, it's just that my will to live make me kinda' hard to extinguish.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Is this how they treat special forces?

Ah yes here we go some pictures of my teeth & one of my stomach. If I really was special forces as everyone seems to believe you'd think they'd treat me a little bit better & make sure I get good medical attention.

First we'll start out with the Zipper, a picture of my stomach. As you can see it's been operated on. Not once, not twice, but 3 x. The first was legit cuz I had intestinal problems, & so were the 2nd & 3rd. But on the 3rd operation, they left the stictches in. So I now have plastic stitches in my stomach. They occasionally break the surface. I snip them off when that happens. Of course there's the slight issue of friction. They constant cause me pain when I get a little too vigorous in excercising. It's kinda' like having 100 hundred or so little daggers in your stomach. Pain is nothing new to me so I've just learned to live with it.

Next are my teeth. I used to go to the dentist frequently, but I had this one Paki a certain Dr. Matthew in cowtown who hired the most brutal hygenists. I think he purposely told them to poke holes in my teeth just so I would be a repeat customer. That isn't really what concerns me though. Sometime after having a tooth rebuilt, one of my front ones due to an accident at work he put what he said were posts in it so he could construct a cosmetic effect to make it look better. It looked quite natural. Anyhow several years past & it eventually broke off. I then inspected it & upon taking a closer look I seen it wasn't a post he had put into my tooth, it was a small transmitter. H-m-m-m what's up with that? Anyhow ever since then I have not been to see a dentist. You can see the handywork of the hygenist. All the holes she punched in my enamel have now resulted in big stinking, rotting holes. If you wonder why I sometimes have a funk this is one of the reasons, & the destruction that has gone on in my stomach is another.

If you are a foriegner & need medical attenetion in Canada I would suggest you head back to your country first who knows what they will try to do to you here. It kinda makes me curious what they did to my heart. Any university or anyone curious enough who has the resources to put me through a gazillion tests is more than welcome too provided that you are not from Canada. Anyone who wants to help out with my dental problems I would more than appreciate it seeings as how I still have all my wisdom teeth & they have grown to be quite large but have not yet surfaced. This causes me tremendous amounts of pain. I occasionally lose my hearing in my left ear becasue of it, & god know how often I've had an infection that has gone straight up into my cranium as well. Heck I may have even suffered a mild stroke or 2 but being rather resiliant to illness due too my body being constantly under siege I have brushed them off. Yes I am a walking medical wonder. LIke I wonder what they hell they were thinking?

Right now my mom has a friend staying here with us as well. I often wonder who is the worse of them. I get the feeling my mom's friend might be setting her up for a fall. Maybe my mom's friend is a part of Comrade Canucks cadre. I for sure don't trust a lot of folks, especailly here in in Manitoba a communist stronghold. Maybe folks within Canada are competing to see who can make my life the most miserable. If you are visiting from another country the worst thing you can do is let your guard down. Keep it up at all the times. If you have the cash bring a body guard with you if you are frail or are a person of some kind of inmportance. The more eyes & ears you have looking out for you the less likely you'll have wierd stuff happen to you like what happens to me. If you have the means to sweep your residence, hotel room, office, or whatever do so on a regular basis. Comrade Canuck likes to plant survielance equipment where & when he can.

Sleep Deprivation

Of course whenever I make a post like my previous one or stay in one spot in Canada too long Comrade Canuck (the name I have given the group of communist trying to take over Canada quickly & quietly) makes sure I got a nice healthy dose of sleep deprivation. Canada is the only place I have suffered sleep deprivation. This has only begun ever since refusing to join the CF. They seem intent in trying to make me insane but it just pisses me off even more & makes their devious plans backfire even more cause I commit myself that much more to making sure the world knows what is going on in Canada, what it plans to do in the future, etc., etc.. Plain & simple Canada I rank up there with Iran & North Korea. It is the greatest unknown threat to freedom & democracy the world currently has. Yes Canada I see through you. Preaching hatred of the US, UK & allies 24/7. Well right now in the Phillipines there are US warships & personel that are helping out with the landslide victims. The US has run a million circles around Canda in regards to how many people it helps. Trying to make me hate the US is something you never will succeed in, so why not give it up. Anyhow I have ranted on long enough. I wonder where our new PM will take this country during his term. Will Comrade Canuck brainwash him, has he already been brainwashed, it should be interesting to watch & see. Can Canada kinda' sorta' start putting itself back on the right track. He, he there a little more in that last sentence than I intended to be. I guess it just goes to show how deep seeded the whole thing has become.

Oh & this is me getting all dressed up to go out in the wonderful - 41c weather we had recently. I would make a very stylish snow ninja.

An Example Of How Pathetic Canada Is

Yes as much as they'd like to have people believe I am part of the Canadian Forces or JTF2, I am proud to say I am not. I personally would be ashamed to wear the uniform considering how they tuned their back on the US, UK, & the rest of the allies when they neeeded them. If anything the CF, JTF2, RCMP, & CSIS are mad as hell I simply don't roll over & die or play nice & be a brainwashed, communist, homo-sexual, retarded, terrorist hugging, red necked, yellow bellied Canadian. They spread lies in every town I go too that I am part of the CF. Get a life you wish. You can dream that will never be, unless of course you are willing to fork over $50 billion dollars for my annual salary (the funny thing is I help other countries for free or volunteer just as long as they aren't communist) plus all the other things I woud demand & even then I'd just work for a little bit then quit cause Canada is not my cup of tea. When I was in the states nothing as outalndish as this happened. They merely thought I was a traveller, did a lot of mountain climbing, was an outdoor nut, or looked like I should be in the military. Nobody ever said anything as absurd & proposterous as the things I have heard in Canada. So once again I will throw out the challenge to all foresaid people to set up a nice little boxing match or ultimate fighting thing with all the apropriate protection, referees, etc, (so it's legal & you can't sue me or say I cheated or who knows what) I will gladly take on all challengers. I think my anger alone would drive me to defeat every single person they threw at me, you have no idea the amount of hatred I have due to you using my name to further the warping of the minds of the general population. Yes Canada go on & keep deluding yourself I will never join the CF. I've even made sure of that by asking certain folks to kill me if that ever happened. I will not serve communism. I will fight it, I will not serve it. Canada in my opinion has turned way more communist then they care to admit too or acknowledge. The general population is too dumb to realize it. There is the odd person who is smart enough to realize it as well. I am definitely not alone in my opinion. So keep deluding yourself. You are just merely waiting to betray the US & UK to the Chinese when they vie to become the dominant force in the world. I am also not alone in this opinion either. I guess I have ruined your little surprise. If you are curious as how I have come to this conclusion you can thank Sun Tzu & all those other funky little texts I have consumed with delight over the years. Incase some are curious I will explain what I think they were hoping to have happened. More or less Canada would become a forward base for China. I obviously won't have a lot of fans after this but oh well that is life. I just think of all the lives I have saved beforehand. Funny how little simple things can change the course of history.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Obvious Reasons Why You Need To Save Me

This is always a mystery. How will it turn out? Figuring that is a never ending task. Damn I can't wait to get another website. Blogs are great & I do appreciate them, especially considering how a lot of them are free, but I just always hold me breath when I write something, upload a picture or whatever. Anyhow as you can see even when I try to look horrible I don't look too bad. I am stuck in northern Manitoba. I am an artist. I need to get to a big city where I can create art. It's not fair to the world that this little piece of crap town gets to have me. I need a sugar momma, daddy, city, or country to get me the hell outta' here.

Are you an artist, arts group, theatre company, production company, lonely housewife, eccentric millionaire, huge organization with a vast amount of money to spend frivolously, or just a kind hearted gentle soul (oh I forgot to throw in city or country as well)? Preferably I'd like to go to Montreal, I've never been there before. Better yet to the USA, or some country overseas where I have never been. I haven't put this on e-Bay yet. Figured I'd start out here by casually mentioning it. Anyhow I need to get out of this crappy one horse town. If you've followed me, or know anything about me or my career as an artist you know that by getting me someplace other than where I am is the right thing to do. Don't let me rot & die. I am an artist. I need to make art. I need to be stimulated. I need a stimulating environment. Northern Manitoba doesn't cut it.

If the states or some other country would save me that would be awesome considering my political views differ from those of my homeland & it would also make it look even more embarrassing considering what calibre of an artist I am. If it has to be Canada cuz I am here, someone from Vancouver or Montreal please save me. Fly, bus, or train my carcass to your city. I will make art. I will inspire people. I will rock the boat. I will add even more chapters to my already legendary life. You can observe it first hand. I am dying in northern Manitoba. For the sake of humanity & creativity, someone please get me to a bigger city, I am withering away.

In saving me you also show that freedom & democracy will always win over communism, & terrorism. Yes the people of Calgary & Canada want me to embrace communism & the terrorists that live in this country plus a great many of other things, but I never will. The government has tried to make my life living hell, but I merely find it entertaining. Do the right thing, save me, so I can continue saving the world in the ways that only I can.

Yes Canada & Canadians you can delude yourself into thinking I am a member of the CF or whatever you may fancy but I will never serve Canada, so get a life. Canada took on the role of a nation of traitors & cowards when they backed out of Iraq & by continuing to harbour terrorists. You may think of Canada & myself whatever you may please but this is my view so there ya' go.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Definitely Not Cupid

One night several years ago after going out for a run or doing some form of exercise I took off my shirt but not completely cuz there was no clean place that I trusted too set it down so I kept it on my head. When I looked in the mirror it kinda' reminded me of a pharoah from Egypt way back when. Of course today in news we hear of all these people from the middle east. Anyhow once again I decided to see what I looked like. I left my sunglasses on & used my bright green shirt for obvious reasons. The main one being so you could tell that I was just mucking around. Of course the shirt & glasses can be bought at Mountain Equipment Co-op, that is where I have bought the majority of my outdoor gear & clothes for this trip that has gone in the tiolet. I was gonna write something else but I forgot what. Oh yeah something about acting & how I miss it. Especially on movie sets or in theatre where you get dressed up & gotta' do hair & make up I don't know why but I enjoy that. There's just something appealing to it.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Somebody Save Me

When I had my website I had the DEA hack into it & placed a link to their website on one of the links I had to another website. I guess they were going through my sig & photo galleries & thought I looked like DEA material dressed all in black. LOL, if they only knew that the gun in this picture & many others is just a BB gun. Anyhow I still had a few of those images with me so I tossed one into the old photo program & monkeyed around with the image a bit until I got this. I call it posterBOY, cuz in all likelyhood if I ever did hook up with any sort of outfit I would eventually become the poster boy. Now I am just an eccentric artist with a penchant for dabbling with my images & adding a slight political or miltary twist to them. I guess I am simply fascinated by the subject & line of thought. Anyhow this is a laughable image if you were to take it apart piece by piece, but I must admit for it's original, out of foccuss exposure I did a fairly decent job of sharpening it & funkifying it somewhat.

What things can you find that are wrong with the gun?

1. The barrel if you look down it is too short & there is no bullet in it.
2. The scope is not aligned with the front sight.
3. The light for the scope is not exactly centred, you might say well that's due to the reflection of the flash or whatever, but trust me having looked through it, it isn't exactly centred. If I was trying to do some sharpshooting (not sniping this isn't the right kinda' beast for that, atleast I don't think so, provided that it actually was a real gun & not a BB gun, lol, atleast I think, this is purely speculation cuz like I said, I am just some eccentric artist) I'd be off.

Damn I can't wait to get out of this town. Moreso I can't wait to get away from my mom. Maybe it could be Manitoba as a whole. My dad often refers to Manitoba as the a$$hole of Canada. I am beggining to agree with him. I have never met as many stunned people as there are in Manitoba, it's like another planet. I try to talk normal english to them & they say the most outlandish things, I'm not sure anyone has taught these people how to form proper phrases or lines of thought. I am totally mystified by the widespread amount of retardation there is in this province. How could so many people become so stupid. God if there is one, please get me out of Canada & back to the States so I can atleast speak to people who understand english & know how to talk. Well of course there are numerous exceptions to this rule. If you want to find the smart people in Canada go find the artists. Mind you though there is a number of them who are just as stunned as the rest of the population. You will soon figure that out really fast. Oh & there are smart folks in other occupations as well. My favourites are the Starbuck's barristas, of course not all of them, but there was one place in Cowtown that had a few sharp ones. Oh & of course I can't forget my comrades in Parks. As zany as some of them are few folks can compare to the vast intellect of a Parks worker. Why do you think I worked in Parks for 13 years, it certainly wasn't for the glory, lmao. One draw back to that though is also the amount of supremely messed up folks there as well. Oh the horrors stories I could tell. I didn't think real cavemen existed but there are a few of them who work in Parks & I had the joy of working with them. I guess that would make me an archeologist or anthropologist as well, lol, jk. I think the most horrible thing about this whole experience is that there is no Starbuck's in this town & I have mixed the last of my supply in with some of Timmy coffee grounds to make it last longer. Maybe I just like the coffee, well no actually they do have charecter. No one in Manitoba has charecter. Actually I take that back I do & a couple of folks I have met. Also believe it or not that was also another thing I put in my application when I did want to join the CF as to why I would not want to join them & this is what I wrote. The question something like this "List reasons why you would not want to join the Canadian Forces." I then scrawled down " I would not be able to go for coffee when I wanted too." I really love my coffee & Starbuck's is the best coffee in the world. If there was a church of Starbuck's & the communion was espresso I would be the preacher, minister or whatever. Instead of alterboys though I'd have altergirls & they all would have pigtails like Pippi Longstocking, lol, jk. Well... maybe not. Handlebars are awesome.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

I am a mutant, I am superhuman, lol.

So there I was farting around with my camera & my hair & I ended up with this. WTF! I got beams shooting out of my head. Maybe it's a ghost jumping in front of the camera. Anyhow after calling out our country's finest more than once to indian leg wrestling I can see why they have not returned my e-mails. They are afraid. Yes I imagine that would look quite bad, 135 pound artist who is also a mutant & many other things whips the butt of JTF2 soldiers. I also challenged the RCMP, & CSIS. I guess they all think I'll go all muty on them & then all the other mutants will come out of the woodwork & a mutant war will begin. Yes humans, we are here & we are many, lol. Who knows maybe you neighbor is one, or maybe you have latent powers (dormant for those of you too dumb to figure that out) yourself.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Dam I Look Not Too Shabby

Despite having aged more than I'd like too I am still around 18 in my brain at times although as of late it's been more like 118. Anyhow I was marveling at tonight how I was feeling a bit stiff from doing some push ups today. Yes the curse of my father is slowly creeping into my body. Arthritis. I have done as much as I can to prevent it, but when you abuse your body like I have damage naturally takes it's toll on you in the long run. Anyhow this winter hasn't been as bad for me I have been taking lots of vitamins. The main ones of course are Omega 3, 6, & 9. I rotate in other vitamins or vitamin supplements just so my body can suck up some different stuff now & again. Surprising enough that combined with a healthy diet & some exercise does keep one sorta' healthy imagine that. Anyhow I was mucking around with adding more info to this & another blog the other night & thought I needed a new self portrait. I didn't do anything fancy I just snapped this in the dark with the flash set at slow. I then took the picture & ran it through various things in Microsoft Digital Image Pro 10 & then cropped it. This is what I came up with. Anyhow I am dead tired so I am gonna' crash. Caio for now.


So there I was working away all happy as can be on my other blog at Wordpress & my mom comes in tells me some crap about my brother who I'd like nothing to do with & then she goes off & cries. Apparently my brother has alcohol poisoning. Maybe when he gets better he'll stop drinking like a fish. Anyhow she sees that I couldn't be bothered with flinching an eyebrow so she turn off the power to the dsl thing & when I went back to Wordpress odd enough it's down or has temporily blocked me. Obviously someone from the Canadian government told her this little trick & was probably hoping I was at some other site. I don't believe how low these people will stoop. Anyways I'm getting out of this town soon. Thank God. Of course having no money, being bankrupt, having various credit cards companies wondering where I am I wil soon have to declare bankruptcy. Yes what an end, or maybe it's a new beggining, I don' know all I know is that it sucks. Thank you government of Canada for ruining my life. Jeez. What can you do? Life goes on I guess. Will I ever get out of this bottomless pit. Maybe if I became a flag waving, braindead commie I would, but that will never happen as long as I am in Canada. If anything I think I'll go join the seperatist movement. I don't want to be a part of Canada. It is heading in a communist direction. Some may say well you know all countries are a little bit communist, & that is true, but they don't live here & haven't been what I've been through , nor done what I did. Yes Comrade Canuck you have lost, I will never be one of your pawns.

Oh & by the way the picture above is of some garden gnomes or elves that were at the Niagra Falls Hostel. Cute little munchkins I must say. Look at the really tiny one.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

One boring night in February

H-m-m-m-m this is an interesting piece. It's about the ficticious land called Soviet Canuckistan. For Psy-ops in the US Army I was going to devellop a whole campaign about a ficticious land called Soviet Canuckistan. I never got around to it, nor joining the US Army thanks to all the Canadians meddling in my life. I know most people wouldn't apply for a job in Psy-ops & already have a mock campaign already develloped, but I decided hey why not if I have the technology & the know how & an idea. This is just one piece of a whole whack of stuff I had cooked up. I would go into greater detail but I don't want folks to scoop my ideas.

Anyhow I am stuck in some lame town. I have to get out soon I am losing my mind. The only thing that keeps me going really is the thought of escape. My mother the evil cow she is lured me up here claiming she'd provide sanctuary until I got back on my feet but instead has done her darndest to destroy my life. I sometimes wonder if CSIS, the RCMP, & the CF have joined forces & have recruited her to keep an eye on me, poison me, & make sure I slowly less my mind. Yes it's like a prison. I go out for a smoke once or twice a day. I have no money left to wander, & my mom has made sure I have enough food just to stay healthy enough so she can try to convert me into a braindead android like she is. This is what happens to you when you challenge the federal government, CSIS, CF, & RCMP in regards to how many terrorists are living here & what they are doing about them. Oh well good ahead ruin my life, I have nothing left to loose now so do your worst.

On a lighter side if & when I do get out of this hole I can't wait to get back to civillization & get some culture. It's been a coon's age since I seen a good dance show or theatre production. Yes the artist is too engrained in me to serve Canada, well that & my opinion of Canada. The US is awesome, Canada sucks. Yes I think I will wander to Quebec soon & go live there. Maybe I'll even hook up with the seperatists & forward that movement. I have no desire to be a part of Canada. As for all the folks who still believe I am programmed get a life stop watching stupid movies. I just constantly re-hash storylines from movies & then shoot them at anyone who seems gullible enough to believe them. Also Canada is way too communist for me & I will die before I serve a communist country. A free country like the US or UK I would, will, & do bend over backwards for. I believe in freedom & democracy, Canada believes in retardedness. Yes like the one US pundit said Canada is the retarded cousin at the dinner table. You pat him on the head & then move along.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Failed Experiments

I think the army has failed. I joined some crazy on-line gaming thing. It was about a military & squad based game. I played. I was good. Not only in the digital world but in the real world as well. I having been trained in numerous things attracted the attention of a lot of folks. Anyhow I played this game, then the next thing you know I'm in a squad, I won't say too much about the people in it cuz just already typing this out I have probably earned their ire, but hey I am an artist first & foremost. If I ever happen to get caught in a war, just pray you're not on the other side. Anyhow it was composed of various folks from various backgrounds. They did some checks on me obviously cuz there were frequently a lot of references to my real life & just too many conicidences. I used to do dumb shit now & again to see if my hunch was right. Anyhow it's quite clever what the military will do to find new recruits. I could go & on about this subject but I won't. Basically I got sick of the game & have decided to play my own & that is going back to being an artist. I have wasted enough time in my life. I've had so many people try too ruin it recently & other stuff that I just get so sick of all that crap. So I must say adios amigos it was fun. Time to start all over again. Yes I know it seems unlikely but I got nothing left anyway.

Yes I am bankrupt, broke, homeless, & on the road. Well kinda' sorta'. I am currently hanging out with my mom, lol. She has been brainwashed by the Jehovah's witnesses. I am trying to wake her up, but she is too far gone it is quite sad too see. Then again it could be coupled with the fact that Canada in my opinion seems to be heading in a very communist direction & maybe they are brainwashing the weak minded.

I forgot how we started talking about 9/11 & the tsunami, but my mom believes that the people wanted those things & that's is why they happened. I then asked her where was God during all of this. That drew no answer, we then got talking about other tragedies & it ended up being Jehovah the One will solve everything. I was about to burst out laughing & say "you are really fucked up" but I didn't since I am a guest & there is no use in angering a host.

(The One, I wonder if the Matrix was made by Jehovah's Witnesses, I know it wasn't but still everytime I here the One I think of that or Star Wars, lol. Canada right now seems a bit like the old Republic or did up until recently. Maybe Canda was hoping I would be their Anakin. I often put that down in my IM message thing now. Canada will be my new Galactic Empire, [LMAO]).

Anyhow I basically was working at a doughnut shop then I mentioned how much I'd love to kill my employer who is of middle eastern decent 9Yes I know everyone who is from the Middle East isn't a terrorist) & could quite possibly be funneling funds to terrorist organizations. Incase you didn't know Canada is a Disneyland for raising funds for terrorists, it's a well known fact. I think there are over 30 declared terrorist organizations that call Canada home. Anyhow how having played this game several years now in various formats I said to my mom, because I have had some suspicions about her "My boss had better watch his step, one more dumb assed thing & that's it. I've been psychologically conditioned to kill someone like him & I'd love too." Of course all the anti-violent video game advocates will come out of the closet now & say, see there, is what happens when people play those games. Anyhow I did't kill my boss or even throw a doughnut at him, though there were several times I'd like to have tossed a bag of jelly doughnuts at him. I was investigating to see how far gone my mom was due to her religion & also to see if any of those crazy Canadian Forces members were tapping her for info. I am under surviellance quite often by them because I was supposed to be the commmander of JTF2 in the future, but I realized Canada was going in the opposite direction of the US before they decline to send troops to Iraq so I to bailed out half way through the final stages of the application process, which up til then included various interviews, fingerprinting, etc, etc.

Suspicion confirmed, my mom has been severly mentally incapacitated by her religion & also somewhere nearby we're some CF kooks. "Why don't you guys just give it up now I'll never join you, Canada is much too communist for my liking." Yes my theory that is in the future Canada will betray the US, UK & other allies by siding with China, Russia, North Korea & other communist states. What makes me say this you say? There are footprints everywhere just open up your eyes & take a closer look around you. Yes people of Canada it is time to wake up & put our country back on track. I now know why the Bloc wants to seperate, Canada isn't the country it used to be. Of course there is the whole distinc society thing as well, but more or less it boils down to Canada not being the country it once was or that it could be.

Every now & again I'd e-mail the forces to tell them what a bunch of wierdos they were but they have finally banned my mail addy from sending them mail. Yet they still follow me around & try in so many obscure ways to get me to re-think my descision & it is nope. Not then, not now, not in the future, unless of course they agree to some of my terms. Here are some of them.

1.I want a big helmet like Ric Morranis had in Space Balls.

2. I want a female elite cadre of body guards, kinda like Momar Kudafi has, yes I know I spelled his name wrong.

3. I want everyone to adress my as "Overlord & saviour of the Universe. & be given the title of Supreme Commander of the Canadian Forces.

4. I want to live in the PMs house on Sussex Drive, kick him out & give him my old apartment in Cowtown.

The list goes on & on.

My pay would be $50 Billion dollars.

Anyways enough of that. I am so sick of the crazy army dudes who follow me around. I got get on with life. Yes I would not be in this spot had my mom filled out my long birth form correctly the first time. Now here we are 35 years later after much tooth pulling I have gotten her to put down the right info. It's quite sad to see what religion has done to her. She has no mind left. Or could it be brainwashing from the government, I don't know. I have wandered this country since August & have found more & more people in this state. Calgary has to be the worst place of all for absolute wierdness of people. I'd honestly have to caution companies who have their world headquarters there to reonsidering moving them. Or atleast they should take a pyschological assment of their employees before they go to Calgary then 1 every 3 months afterwords. I bet they'd see a decline in mental capicity & a dramatic swing towards communism.

If you ask why I am unaffected, simple my dad is american, I was raised partially by americans, I have american values, I love american media, etc., etc..

I had something else in mind when Iwas making this post, then this beast popped out. I have edited myself in the past so I decided hey I'll just let this beast run where it may. Naturally I have omitted any really crude language or anything of real true mean spiritedness. Yes I guess I am getting softer in my old age. Just kidding I'm only 35, but the life I have lead up until now is just messed, funky, tragic, morbid & so many other things.

Oh yeah the post was gonna be about the picture. Well this one is of me with a b.b. gun. I bought that thing cuz it looked funky & I was making a new sig for some forums & needed a prop so I bought that at some store. It's plastic &fires these little pee sized plastic balls. Look nasty though. Anyhow I have been tinkering with my photos recently & have tinkered with this one. I have hundreds more but those are in my storage unit on various cds & dvds.

Oh yeah in the event of my untimely demise due to accident, act of God, or whatever I hereby give the United States of America the use of my body for scientific research. I think they might find some fascinating stuff in it. Also I would like to donate all of my writing to the Special Forces Warrior Foundation. I have never been in Special Forces, I may have been had I not been yanked around the way I was by Comrade Canuck when enroute to the US & while down there & now while still up here. Anyhow they have this education fund & if they want they can have my writing then publish it & if it makes any money use that as some additional funds for thier education grants & that sort of thing. I don't think there is an organization officially dedicated to countering communism but if there was I'd give it to them. Oh yeah not too mention they have always been my heroes. As a little kid I used to play with my GI Joes & think one day I'd like to be like them. Then as a teen I watched all kinds of hollywood movies & seen the glorified or as of lately rather unglorified side of them. Then as an adult studying them, reading books about them etc., etc.. Of course they might reject my writing & in that case I'd have to say it'd have to go to some kinda' literacy fund either in the US or UK. Everyone should know how to read & write, I think.