Sunday, May 28, 2006

I am a game geek

I finished off Hitman, Contracts last week so I picked up another game. I know I shouldn't have I've got other things to spend my money on, but jeez when you are in my boat where you frequently find yourself under a lot of stress sometimes the only escape is into the pixellated world. Yes here reality just fades away & you can clear your mind somewhat or look at things perhaps in an abstract perception. Anyhow I am a sucker for slick looking box art cuz I am an artist & SiN, episodes had some damn slick box art. Then I installed it, what a hassle if I could have afforded too I would have thrown my laptop on the ground & stomped on it, anyhow after several hours I got the game working & the eye candy is amazing as well as the physics to a certain extend, my laptop isn't as beefy as my tower so it lags on occasion. Anyhow I went & downloaded the fansite kit like any geek does & looked at all the concept art, renders, logos, etc. I still wish I had my old site cuz I'd throw up a little page for it but anyhow here is a pic of one of the main charecters, she is your sidekick more or less, I have only played the game a couple of hours. The artwork here is spectaculair I must say.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What Agent 47 Might Write If He Were A Poet

I have just picked up one of my favourite games from a franchise. Yes Hitman: Contracts rocks. I played the 1st game but evetually gave up cuz the controls were wonky & the cutscenes always cut in on my action. The 2nd was freaking awesome I played that one with a fury, yes I know that sounds funny & is meant to be. Anyhow here I am in the 3rd installment, there is a 4th one out or coming out soon. Anyhow I got to think how just how much fun I have had creating pixellated mayhem & then thought hey, why not try to write a poem & pretend Iwas Agent 47. Yes the pyschological profile of a game charecter if he were a poet, ha, ha, kinda' funny. Then again after all the headspaces I have climbed into over these past few years this is like a vacation. Anyhow here it is.

Flowers For The Fallen

It's spring time again
The winter was bitter
Now life begins once more
The memories from yesterday
Have all but faded
Yet for some unknown reason
When I look at flowers
I think of all the people I've killed
& find beauty in the destruction
Yes it was all so systematic
Done with all the finesse of a dancer
I know what you are thinking
It all looks so easy
But it takes years of practice to become this deadly
One by one I take them down
Sometimes others get in the way
Can't leave no evidence so they must go as well
I like to try to keep it to one shot one kill
But sometimes when they are shooting at you from a throng
You mow them all down
The sounds of gunfire, the smell of gunpowder, the flashes from muzzles
The screams, shouts, & gurgles of the dying
The bodies hitting the ground, the casings bouncing & rolling around
It all begins to sound like a symphony
Time slows down
I read my opponents movements
Gotta' stay one step ahead
Then when all is said & done
I go back home, to the hotel I am staying at or whatever
Take a nice hot shower
A bath if there is one
Try to unwind & think about something else
It is here where I begin to think of flowers
Chyrsanthenums, roses, begonia, pansies, & hundreds of others
So there you have it
The reason I sometime look neither here nor there
When clutching a flower
It takes me away from all the madness
But serves as a subltle reminder

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Here We Go Again

Yes, once again this country stuns me. As I have posted in many places before the gun in the pic is a bb gun that fires plastic bbs. I have heard whispers the Canadian Forces were looking for me again. Oh jeez will they never give up their sillyness. Anyhow for all those who think I am training for the Canadian Forces or have been programmed by them or am a member of JTF2 give it a rest, you are only proving how pathetic this country is & how you long for me to be some kinda' iconic figure for the CF, get a life. Like I have stated numerous times if you ever see me in a CF uniform chances are someone has installed a cranial screwtop on my head & scooped out my brains with an ice cream scoop. Besides why would I join an army that can't find me. I am obviously way smarter than all their best trackers combined ( as was proven a few months ago when the combined might of the R.C.M.P., C.S.I.S., & C.F. couldn't find me in Canada after they had declared me a terrorist & I fled to the U.S., cuz they know I am not a terrorist ). I am not even trying to hide. Hell lots of folks in cowtown know where I am. If they put their brains together they might be able to track my cell since I still carry it around & use it as an expensive time piece. People from the U.S. know whre I am. Folks from other countries probably know where I am. Anyhow enough of that. It gets so tiring after awhile.

I have been busy cooking some new beats, I have lots of catchy stuff. A few days ago I made a new song about an old friend of mine who discovered cocaine & heroine, & how she fell from grace & now sells her body on the street to feed her addiction. She was a sweet girl, I have no idea where she is now I called her folks a few months ago & they told me what had happened. Apparently she is now somewhere out on the west coast. What a tragedy, she was a damn hot erotic poet. She wrote some of the steamiest poetry to ever grace my ears.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Art is War, War is Art

This is an example of a sig. This sig is way to big for most forums. Also you usually have to host your own sig, on your own site, or a site that will let you do so. On my old site I had 2 sig galleries & they featured all the sigs I made over the years for various forums I posted in.
Anyhow sigs usually feature some pic, some text, or whatever usually reflecting something of the person they were designed for or the forum or whatever they were designed for. This is a pretty basic one. It just has a picture & some text. A lot of people use flash & other things. I have not gone that route yet, since I don't have that kinda' software. Anyhow this post was gonna' be about something else but it ended up as this. I am tired I thik I'm gonna' crash.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hello Uncle Sam

I see the US Army Reserve has fallen short of it's goal again. Heck I'd sign up in a flash if I wasn't in the boat I was in. Of course in saying that Canda will do it's darndest to make sure I never join the US Army. They sabotaged my last efffort. They even recruited my mom & many others who I thought were my friends to help. So now instead of being already done a whack of training & more than likely heading off to Iraq, or Afghanistan, I am stuck in cowtown, & am bankrupt. Surrounded by American haters. Oh well. Maybe when I get out of this mess I will get my poop in a group & head back down there, but this time tell no one from Canada where & when I am going. As well instead of going to train in the mointains maybe I'll just rent some little trailer in te desert & train there seeings as how both Iraq & Afghanistan in certain parts are like desert. Also I like cacti, coyotes, & all the desert critters, & other things. I think I still have what it takes to be a scout, some military intel guy, or whatever. Heck I'd even sit behind a desk if I had too. Anyhow I have babbled on long enough. Just got back to the place I am urban camping at need to take a shower.
Anyways I went to see Mission Impossible 3 & one of Ethan's bosses says "I'd bleed on the stripes of the American flag if it'd help keep them red." I too would. I figure with someone like myself out there just maybe I'd be on my toes a little more than someone younger & could help keep my squadmates a little more safe. It kinda' strikes me as sad when I see these younger guys with familys die, when if it were someone like me who has no one & mothing it wouldn't matter too much. Anyhow if you are familliar with my old site you are familliar with my views & I don't need to explain them.

Back When I Used To Cut The Rug

Yes, it's been quite awhile since I've set foot in a dance studio to learn anything. On a few occasions I've been in some shows, I've tried my hand at chorepgraphy & a couple of times have been forced to teach. I am not a teacher so I found it rather ridiculous. First was for some grade school kids. I worked out an easy funky combo for them set to a Macy Gray tune & I was surprisd at how quick the little buggers caught on & actaully at how good I was at captivating their attention. I took a class of 30 kids & in a little over an hour had them do an entire song's worth of dancing. For those who are unfamilliar with dance let's just say that is rather good. On another occassion I was at the Banff Centre & stuck in some god awful crazy native piece & the director was rather stunned to say the least & in no way qualified to be in charge of as good of a cast as she had assembled. Anyhow one by one we got fired. THe main reason for me being toasted was she wanted me to teach another actor to tap dance in under a week. I said lady I am just a begginer at tap, I may have had some Irish, Flamenco, & other training but I am not qualified to do it, & what you are asking is pretty much impossible. She just said well I am not qualified to do this & that but I do it. So off I went after a long day of rehersal to our studio & began to teach this guy some basic tap stuff. I first started out with some warm up exercises, ie stretches you usually do anyway to avoid fatigue & cramping up & that sort of thing. They were really super easy & I told him not to overexert himself in anyway & if anything feels funny it could be a sign you are going too far. Anyhow after getting loosened up we did some basic tap stuff, shuffles, ball changes, riffles, scuffs, grapevine, etc.. Then he said the director told him I had other dance training & wanted to explore some more so we did some travelling across the floor, jazz walks, damn I forget the name of that sideways thing but it looks neat, & other stuff which at the time I could do quite well. Also I was kinda' freaked out cuz right next door over in the next studio were a bunch of my teachers from DJD & the last thing I wanted to do was look like an idiot & teach someone the wrong thing. Every single dance class & teacher played through my mind those nights. I kept checking in the mirror to make sure I was doing the right thing & so was dude. During the strecthces I walked around him made sure all the angles were right, feet were in the right position, pelvis, hips, arms, hands. Then I got into explaining about how you gotta go down to go up & up to go down, the need for core strength, & a zillion other things. On & on I played all the videos of every class I could remember & every teachers techniques. Anyhow it ended up being our exploration of tap, jazz, ballet, & native dance all mixed into one hodge podge of a thing. During the native stuff our roles were reversed since Iwas unfamilliar with that aspect of my heritage. At the end of our classes, practices, exploration or whatever I suggest just a light stretch since that is how most classes ended where I was taught & just seemed natural since I did notice I had become somewhat stiff. I told my compadre he should as well, but when it came time to do the stretch at the end he bailed & I said dude that's probably not a good idea since we were more or less putting in over 12 hours a day to this show with all of our acting & other stuff. Add to that it was winter & we were in the mountains. Anyhow I told the director this & I told her that I dude he should stop any time he felt tired or whatever. I could go on & on for days. Anyhow he ended up getting cramps or something like that. Sometimes before I got there in the evening after supper, a cigarette, & whatever he'd go there earlier. I let him use my tap shoes, & he'd be there doing some further exploration on his own of what we covered although at a somewhat erratic pace. With the director being hte quack she was anyhow I eventually got fired, I was wondering when my time might come & it did. Since dude wasn't able to tap dance, & perform miracles at the end of the week I was to blame. I said hey I am not a dance teacher & to get really good it takes years not days. Anyhow I was dismissed the next day. There were a dozen riduclous reasons she set down on a piece of paper. I think my favourite one was "Jeff does not grab the feather when he wants to talk in the circle." "Due to Jeff's extremely punishing workouts dude has been injured, Jeff kept on pushing & pushing putting another person in mortal danger" & there was "Jeff does not appreciate our native teachings". Give me a break I came to do a show, I came to act, I came to dance. I thought the company had all the proper folks in place. I did not sign on to teach, I did not sign on to hold feathers when I talk, etc.. I am an actor, a somewhat okay dancer to a certain degree. For what she described & what I was hired for I knew I could do the job. Having been in numerous productions before in theatre, tv, film, stilt walking, etc., I knew the correct etiquette & protocol for the gig. Anyhow when I got back to Cowtown I had a friend go "You worker for her, she fires everyone usually, it's a wonder how she gets any money at all." Needless to say after that little incident anything native is scratched off my list unless I myself am directing it, producing it or whatever. Even then it wouldn't be native cuz I am not native. I am your average eccentric, half breed.

Anyhow this post was supposed to be how when I saw one of my former teachers the other night at a show I went to watch how she & I were quite happy to see each other even though it was briefly & we didn't talk. Back when I first wanted to learn how to dance I went to DJD & it was different then compared to now & I just found my little niche as the curious student who had other skills the dancers did not posses so I guess that's what caught their attention. Not too mention I was & still am somewhat of a loveable loon. Those girls & lads accepted me for what I was & the company was like some kinda' familly & I was the stray cat who came to the door for some milk quite often. Actually in my eyes they were like abunch of cats as well. Also being a little rough around the edges was something that fascinated them as well. Who knows for sure. Anyhow as time went one I learned more & studied & studied, & more or less had the run of the place when I fancied it. They were quite inspirational, I don't know if I inspired them, but it was wierd how we all grew fond of one another. Anyhow the lads have wandered on since then, new ones have taken their place, the girls are here in town I think, also new ones have come & left the fold. I engratiated myself upon them as a curiousity. Dance is just so wierd. I think just being the anomally I was also helped. All in all it's just to long & detailed to tell exactly. In brief though there is more than the student/ teacher thing. Sometimes the roles were reversed. Other times just firneds, follow artists, or whatever. I loved to watch them grow & I think they got a kick out of watching me as well. U-m-m this might be a strecth but sometimes I think they saw me as their spiritual guru. Little did they know that they too were feeding me some soul. Anyways when I do see one of them it puts a little spring in my step, my heart beats just a wee bit faster, & that sort of thing. I did some pretty kooky stuff for them over the years, but it was all fun in some kinda' way.

Monday, May 08, 2006

It's Been A long Haul

I sit here after taking a shower. Listening to the music I have made on this laptop since October of last year. The first song I created on this laptop was called "Another Song For Laura" since I had written a few of them. It's just me rambling on, about this girl I met, then had a couple of little adventures with. I guess her being so adventurous was what I found most attractive. Also she was a super athelete. She literally ran circles around me on the beach.

Now playing is Arlington. Anyone who was familliar with my site knew the story behind this one. I think I will go back to it & fill it in more & maybe throw some words in there. For those of you who have no clue, I guess you will just remain in the dark. On the dvd I might be coming out with I'll include the videos, a whack of photos, all the music since then. The rough cuts, then the finished pieces. It's kind interesting how a bit of music evolves. Of course sometimes you hit the nail right on the head & well that's it. The newest pieces are mixed in with the older ones. I can't wait until it's finished & then start working on some kinda' song order. I am pleasantly surprised at what I have cooked up. Basically all the stuff I grew up liking is there blended together in bits & pieces & brought kinda' sorta' up to date & yet is original cuz like I said before I never really whipped out the old how to build a song book, took lessons, or learned any artists songs. Okay I lied there I can play Yankee Doodle, Ode To Joy, & Walk Of The Trolls. As for artists I like there are none. I can't read music, & tab drives me up the wall. Plus I'm kinda' impatient & lazy.

Mr. Mo & Ms. Leicha is on now. I tried to capture the spirit of my frinds' two cats when the are acting like loons & are horsing around. I think the inspiration stems from flight of the bumblebee. This though is vastly different. Also for some odd reason I was trying to imagine them if they were dancing like humans on 2 feet. This stems from the day when I accidently broke one of the funky coffee cups & when pressed for an explanation I said Mr. Mo did it when he was showing me that even though he was a cat he could dance, or something like that.

It's mainly hip hop but has strong undercurrent of everything. Some of them are really catchy & the phrases are starting to be etched in my brain. That usually doesn't happen with the music I make. H-m-m-m-m-m well you know what I mean, actually I guess you might not if you aren't a musician. All those dance lesson I took too have found there way in here. Your parents had their jazz, maybe this is mine. Some of it is right out too lunch, but sprinkled with some delicious passages. Somof it is downright mean, some of it flighty, some of it eerie, etc.. Also you can feel a lot of the stuff I've been though, or places I've been too if that makes any sense. This is a sonic safari into the depths of my pysche.

Okay, after listening to all the tracks that currently are planned, minus the ones I have yet to create, there is roughly 53 minutes of music for 23 or 24, pieces of music I have created. & here I thought I was gonna' have a rough time of coming up with something 45 minutes long. Yes this indeed will be an interesting beast to here once it is fully assembled. I haven't been this giddy about art/music/poetry/whatever in a long time.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


This is a picture from 11c of my defunct website. I found this lovely flower planted in the Queen's Park I forget the real name of it, but it was a park dedicated to her majesty here in cowtown(Actually now after coming back to edit this I remember the name, it's Riley Park). Yes she is fond of flowers I guess. I used to joke around I was her Majesty's Royal gardener. Of course this being Calgary you can pul the wool over people eye's really easily & there were some folks who were like "Really? Wow!" Then I used to joke about being the Royal Corgi walker & other things. Anyhow folks in this town are soft in the head. I was out & about today, & of course there were some folks who were like "There's that guy who likes Americans & hates terrorists, he's fucked! What a freak!" Then the other who were with him agreed & laughed. I was kinda' surprised they didn't mention I wasn't fond of communism, & how evil I was for that. This guy was Chinese. Not all Chinese are good or bad or whatever folks they think they are (My best friend in grade 3 was a guy by the name of Sherman Kong, & I used to protect him from the Vietnamese bullies). I like to think of individuals as humans until they prove me wrong, but here in Canada & in the US an increasing amount of them are here for espionage purposes. Simple little things we may not notice they pass along. Anyhow there lots of documentation on that sort of thing. I wonder what sort of person this lad was. Yes, like that wierd little picture I have somewhere on this blog somewhere else, maybe China has already conquered most of Canada through mind control programs. The weak minded ones fall first then they drag their friends, relatives & others along with them eventually. I just sit here & watch it all going on. Bit by bit the Canada I once knew is disintergrating. Yes folks like the seasons, things follow patterns. First there is spring, then there is summer, then there is autumn, then there is winter. I don't know about you but I can feel something out there rippling. Maybe were gonna' soon get hit by an asteroid, meteor, comet, planet, or some other yet unknown cosmic event. Maybe way out there in space something went supernova or whatever 50,000 years ago & is just now making it's way in our direction.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Return To An Old Photo

Rarely do I get to go back to old photos & crop them or work on them. I guess losing my site for the time being has been a blessing of sorts. This used to be in Gallery 7b of my photo galleries. I used to hand build all my photo galleries, & it was a painstaking process (until the near the very end of my site's existence where I discovered programs that did all of that for you). One photo at a time, well thumbnail at a time I'd arrange on the page, then you had to ajust all the setting & put in the correct stuff & preview the page before uploading it to the website, then all the additional tinkering with links, etc. It took hours to make one gallery. Also with the rate at which I was taking pics, video, adding poems, writing & other content to my site I went with the bigger is better notion after I had moved up to a bigger size of a site, I started out with a really tiny free one & eventually wanted one bigger so I upgraded so on & so forth. Big pictures, big videos, etc.. Then I started to scale back cuz of the time it took, then I started reworking the whole site, then added more content, changed things around, on & on it went to varying degreesover roughly 3 years. It was like a fulltime job. Also I loved it. People in Calgary were laughing at me saying I didn't go out & all that shit cuz I was beaten up by the nazis, & the reason why I didn't go to jams anymore was cuz I was kicked out of every bar in town. Wrong. I had a fucking awesome website & my audience was now basically anyone, anywhere who found there way there, & I basically did whatever the hell I wanted on it. I had my music, my videos, my photos, my artwork, my acting resume, my headshots for acting, my work resume, services I offered, my poetry, my writing & opinions, my internet gaming squad's emergency website incase our real one went down, my forums, & tons of other stuff. I even got in on the Mission Impossible 3 webmasters program as well & had the trailer playing on my site, photos from the movie, I had just become an affiliate with yahoo & was gearing up to start trying to make some cash by getting folks to sign up with yahoo& flog merchandise & products from other companies, I had a monthly photo contest, I had "artists in profile" which featured artists I found interesting & on & on it went. Anyhow due to not paying my credit card & yahoo not budging on an alternate form of payment such as cash, cheque, or Paypal it eventually shut down cuz I couldn't pay for the next month, etc.. So if folks in Calgary ever wondered why they didn't see me that much it was because I was having to much fun with tinkering around with my site & trying to make it an interesting place to visit. Anyhow this like I said is one photo of hundreds I had & that I took myself. Instead of putting up another photo of myself I decided to stick this up it is gorgeous I think. I just used the night mode setting, & used a tripod. I didn't use any filters or any photo program to enchace it. It was just one of those funky foggy nights.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Still Moving Onwards

Despite everyone & their dog's best attempt in Canada to squish me, well not all of Canada but a good chunk of it, I am still moving onwards. If anything like I have mentioned before this has given me probably 5x more charecter than compared to when I left, & where I'd be right now had I stayed. Yes, I am bankrupt, am slowing moving forward, & many other things. The thing that amazes me is the music that is coming out of me. Wow. My work has never really been commercial. I never tried to be cool, I jusr did what I found interesting, & was kinda' capable of, & had the tools at hand to do it with. Anyhow after getting back into the whole musician thing I spent the better part of tonight looking up a lot of the hair bands I liked back in the 80's. Damn there was some good ones & there was some fantastic music made. I tended to like the more obscure ones, & downright outrageous ones. Um let's see a quick list of metal bands I enjoyed & some of them are still around today. L.A. Guns, Guns N Roses, Faster Pussycat, Cinderella, Poison, Motley Crue, Great White, Ratt, & a few others. I find it funny how I liked & still like all these bands, but how I couldn't play metal if my life depended on it. True I do play guitar, harmonia, & like making beats on the old laptop, but metal never enters the equation. I guess in the background of my mind somewhere it floats. Intro, verse, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, solo, verse, chorus, outro. The are dozens of variations to it, we can't forget the breaks either, & well I never delved to far into formulas for song making either. I just sorta' have gotta' some idea & fleshed it out somewhat. I can't do the whole thing alone. I used to like it at jams when I'd go jam with the blues players here in town & they'd heard my stuff often enough & could figure out something to put with it. God those were fun times. Then I did the solo artist thing forever. Here & then I'd collaborated with someone & tried to start to get a band or whatever going but it never materialized cuz I was too wound up in other things & so were the folks I had collaborated with. Maybe I should joined that rock band way back when I was still in highschool. I was singing country songs at the time, but my delivery was very punk with a rock n roll feel I guess why else would've some local rock band wanted me to join them. Anyhow maybe when I get a guitar again & if I ever settle down for long enough to form a band I might. Until then I'll just make beats on my laptop, & write some new songs on guitar if & when I ever get one again. I have forgotten how to play most of the stuff I wrote except one or two songs. I have done a million different things in art since then as well. I guess no matter where I am as long as I can make something I am somewhat happy. Though nothing is as fun as being on stage in front of a crowd doing your thing with some folks behind you. Anyhow it's getting late gotta' pull my clothes out of the dryer, take a leak then go to bed.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Me Famous, You Not So Famous

A lot of the folks I grew up with said "You're gonna' be famous, someday!" Well I say screw the fame, I want money instead. Well atleast enough to get me out of my current situation. To the right here is the old button to my old site by clicking on this it'd take you to the self portraits section of my site. I used to read the stats for my site. Most of the folks from Canada couldn't figure out how to navigate my site, a few of the sharper ones did. Folks from the US, UK, coalition & every other country in the world could though. I guess that goes to show you something is amok here, or that Canadians in general are not internet savy. Then again my site targetted Americans, folks from armed forces, video game junkies, poets, photographers, actors, musicans, dancers, etc. Canadians were probably like "this is highly irregular & vulgar, where is the communist & terrorist hugging content?"

When will I get a new site. That is still unknown. Like I saiid I have landed o my feet, & am off at a snail's pace to getting back to being what I used to be able to do. Oh well I guess I have time to think if anything. I guess stepping away from the excesses of my former life for awhile will maybe do me some good. It's just that it sucks. Anyhow you know the old cheezy cliche what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. I am starting to beg to differ on that. The cold nearly killed me & I get really cold really fast now. Also my big toe had it's toenail fall off last night. Yes that is the end result from my experience with frost bite a few weeks to a month ago. Well it's probably more like a month ago. Damn it's wierd not having a toe nail. Although I must admit it is kinda' cool in some wierd way. I can see the parts that turned black, they have healed now & are pink, but the most severly damaged area in kinda' ocre in colour & has a ruptured type look to it.

Anyhow today I cooked up a funky new song/set of beats on my laptop. It's called Tuesday Afternoon cuz that is when I created it. Oh wow, what an original title. I have put together roughly 36 or more minutes of music now. Some of it really raw, some of it complete, & others needing just a few tweaks, or more things thrown in or taken out. Electronic music is wierd, I'd much rather have a guitar & a band.

Here is a track list of stuff I've been messing around with.

1. Another Song (a.k.a. Song FOr Lara)
2. A Quick Look Back
3. Arlington
4. As Much As I'd Have Liked Too
5. Back From The Road
6. Good Old Days
7. Just A Quickee Before Dinner
8. Riding The Rails
9. Sault Ste. Marie
10. Tuesday Afternoon
11. What Da' Funk Is This
12. Sniper Hunting
13. 303
14. bombsaway2
15. godin's gate
16. godin vice
17. jmtest (a.k.a. Jungle Momma's)
18. Krash & Burn Zoo Style
19. Ode To the Road1a
20. There Could've Been More
21. We Should've Just Said Good-bye

A lot of these are loops I made for my website, some of them are the background music for the videos I had, others are just me tinkering away for the pure fun of it, & one of them an intentional poem/song thingy. Running times vary from 24 seconds, to 5minutes 37seconds.

Monday, May 01, 2006

It rained today

Today it rained, well make that yesterday since it past 12 now. Anyhow there I sat or actually stod at work, working. Then I thought of my summer time friend from Michigan, Lara. The Mega-bitch, but a darn sexy one, & adventurous one as well. Yeup had things gone as I'd had hoped I'd have to gone to England & then to France to just hang out & have came back to Canada worked some more then met Lara in Paris. Unfortunately though none of that as happened & as you can very well read my life has taken a slight turn here & there since then. WIll I ever meet another adventurous chick? Not in Calgary that is for sure, the women here are so stuffy as one person put it & I couldn't agree with anything more strongly. Anyhow maybe when things get rolling again I will go galavanting again & who knows what will transpire. Having already been to the capitals of Canada & the US on work/volunteer/representation sorts of things, I think I'll see if I can get a gig in London for something. I don't know what as, but knowing me who can say for sure. Maybe a Jeff Godin convention there are a few people floating around with the same name & some are boring, some are charecters, & some are rather fiendish. I am just the plain old eccentric artist variety. Anyhow it's getting late, I gotta' take a piss, then off to sleep.

Ghost Of The Past

This image was found in an underground cavern near Cydonia on Mars in the year 2034. Below it was an adamantium globe of the planet with glowing script of an unidentified alien spieces. Apparently the picture of the human above is somehow realted to the globe. Beside the globe was the pulse pistol, micro-weave body armour, & journal of the person pictured above. Local legend has it that after being appointed the guest admiral of the Intergalactic Union's Sol 6054398 Fleet, Space Cowboy retired & died here in IUY 50098. The journal is mainly those of his last days where riddled with arthitis, cancer, & Saturn fever, he tried to calm those around him when there was a strange meteor shower. It details simple things like going to the market, & lounging about in cafes doing a whole lot of nothing. Supposedly near the end of the "The Great Saturn Blockade" where Space crushed the Black Hole Mantis Pirate Confederation who were bent on reaching earth & destroying it with anti-matter bombs, some of their high priestesses put a curse on Space. They claimed when there was a rainbow meteor shower on Mars, Space Cowboy would die, & apparently he did.