Thursday, December 06, 2012

Still Fighting The Good Fight

I've been playing lots of video games lately. MOH Warfighter, COD Modern Warfare 3, & BF 3. I miss the old days when I was on a squad playing co-op missions in Joint Ops. Nowadays it's just the single player campaign. 1 thing I found kinda' wierd & coincidental was a charecter in COD MW3 was named Yuri. That was my name in an indy film called Coil.

What else? I am still being stalked. My stalker is gay, lol. Whether or not he's a terrorist hugging, communist, retard is another story. I think he was a leftover from the days of Jean Chretien. Back then I spent a lot of nights wearing a tinfoil beanie. jk. lol.

I wish I could immigrate to another country start all over, but no matter where I go I always get some kook  or kooks who think they should be a part of my life. The only way I make friends is usually when we've been through something together. I set up little sneaky tests sometimes just to make sure the folks I am dealing with are on the same level. I've been called on that a couple of times. What's worse is I sometimes don't even realize what I am doing. Maybe it all has to do with the time I got a concussion & had amnesia & thought I was a prisoner in WW2. Yes, I woke up in a hospital in Okotoks after having creaked my head on ice while on a hike down Cataract Creek. Anyhow this is it for now. I will try to write more often. If you are bored read both this blog & my other blogs. Ciao for now.