Friday, March 07, 2008


I did the math
Western astrology & chinese
It won't work
What can I say?
Nothing really
Except laugh
Yes that's what you get
For wishful thinking
A dirt pie

On another note
I've been idling too long
Gotta' do something soon
This time of grace
Won't last forever
Where will I go?
What will I do?
When it's over

The list of options has narrowed
Damn my mother
Had she not been so stubborn
I wouldn't be in this predicament
I'd have gone to university
& more than likely become a teacher

She thinks taking treaty money is wrong
I say why the hell not?
The government has fucked us up the ass
So why not take what little has been offered

Monday, March 03, 2008

Jean Keeps Me Sane

I have cabin fever
Want to aimlessly roam
Jean keeps me sane
We go to movies, dinner
& new to us, bowling

We have bowled before
With a bunch of friends
But never just she & I
It should be fun
Jean keeps me sane

Tonight we spoke of astrology briefly
She is Pices
I am Scorpio
Supposedly the perfect match
Jean keeps me sane

We don't have a bucket list
Cuz we aren't terminally ill
But we are starting to make a list
There might be a road trip or skydiving
Jean keeps me sane

I could go on writing some more
But what else is there to say really?
Jean keeps me sane
Jean makes me feel safe
That's something new to me