Saturday, August 15, 2009

New work soon

I have rescued several thousands of my poems from my storage unit in Calgary new work will be out soon. It will be selected works put some beats I have cooked up on my pc. Should be interesting. There is definitely not a shortage of stuff to choose from which is nice. Now the only thing is if I can actually sit down & get some work done. I should have never joined Facebook I spend way too much time there & I am not alone in that. It's crazy I have real friends than there are my Facebook friends. Real friends play the odd game here & there. My Facebook friends play way too many. I have limited my Facebook games to 2. Robin Hood & Mafia Wars. For real games as in PC games I am currently into Rainbow 6 Vegas 2. I like playing the terrorist hunting thing. The AI is very smart & even sometimes condescending. My favorite quip from them is "Do you want me to run into the bullets? Maybe that will help!" When you here that you know you suck & need to play more often to get better. Anyhow I have to be up at 6 am tommorow for work & it's a little after 11pm so I am gonna' call it a night, caio for now.