Friday, March 12, 2010

No New Songs

No new songs
Haven't touched my guitars in months
They sit there silent
Collecting dust
Waiting for me to play them
& go back out onto whatever stage
Will let me on

Sometimes late at night
I'll play an old CD
Remember my golden day & nights
At various bars & pubs
Remember the friends I made
& the music we created, loved, shared
Oh how I miss those days
But fear not
Maybe one day I will become a musicain again
A travelling trobadour
Taking my act across the oceans
Into lands I have never been
Lighting fires here & there of inspiration

I remember one day at the Ship & Anchor pub in Calgary
A young woman took to the stage
She was the host of the afternoon jam
& when I approached her to be put on the list
She told me I was the one who inspired her
& set the fire in her
At first I found it odd
Then quite charming
There are no new songs
But perhaps in the future there will be