Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Israel in November?

I am getting itchy feet again & am thinking of heading over to Israel in November if I can find a good deal on a flight. If not I might go on a cruise in the Mediterranean, or head elsewhere. What else. Once again nothing new. I am flipping through old books of poetry. I plan to make a new chapbook soon. I can't believe the life I have lead. Some of the stuff dates back to the early 90's & goes all the way through my life as an artist, actor, poet, musician, & dancer in Cowtown until when I decided to hit the road & go join the US Army. That of course ended with my joining the American Red Cross instead & helping out durring the Hurricnae Rita & Katrina thing. Then from there most of my poetry has been online in this blog & the other one. With the odd one scratched out here & there on the odd piece of paper or in some book. Oh & Homeland Security has some as my poems as well, lol. There's a long story to that one. If you have been reading my blogs you know what happened. Anyways that is all for now.