Sunday, March 22, 2009

4th Day In London

Well what can I say, I had fun today. I went to Soho, wandered around, went to Piccadilly Circus, wandered more, & then ended up at Covent Gardens where I watched some buskers do thier thing. After that I made my way back to the river, back to the hostel, then to the Bank of London, some church, St. Paul's after that, & then to the hostel for supper. As said in my other blog, the Chronicles Of Jeff Godin here is Part 2 of Cafe Rouge.

Alone In London (Cafe Rouge Part 2)

I landed here on Thursday
Or was it Wednesday
I don't know due to the time change
What a city
7x the population of Calgary
It's cleaner than I thought
The air
Thousands of years of history lay here
Civillizations built & then forgotten
Then built upon again
One atop another
How many wandering souls have come & gone
Ealier on today I wandered into some church
Sat in silence for a few minutes
I did not pray or meditate
I just got lost in the moment
So much movement
The shores of the river Thames were
packed with the people
It was like a sea of lemmings
Except nobody jumped off a cliff
I know nothing of the Knights Templar
Except that they were here
My father spoke of some of our descendants
Ladies, knights, etc.,
Hundreds of years later here I am
Walking in places they may have walked
Seeing things they may have seen
Doing things they may have done
In Canada
It's mainly about the natives
Which tribe did this
Which tribe did that
But now I stop & think
We are all the same tribe
We've just forgotten our history
History that lies in Israel
Israel where I was supposed to go
But I ended up here
Why I ask?
Who knows but here is where I am
Now I ask where are you?
Various others I have met
I could sure use a familliar face right now
I could call my brother Steve
Tell him I'm 4,000 miles away & for the
first time in a long time
Sorta' lonely
It's times like this
Where the artist gets thier soul
One thing leads to another
Then there's an eruption
Hot magma that eventually will be cooled
& when that happens
You can sit there & see the results
(Now I'm done & so is my coffee & cheesecake
gotta' roll, but if you're ever here, stop in)

Friday, March 20, 2009

2nd Day In London

Well today I got up, showered, ate breakfast, got a map of London & headed for the river. Since I am unfamiliar with the layout of things I thought it best to start there. Along the way to the river I crossed the road at the wrong time & nearly got run over by a big lory or truck or whatever they call them here. I used St Paul's Cathedral & the bridge to the Tate meuseum as my reference points then headed towards London Bridge.

I walked along the river pathway crowded with locals out on their lunch breaks. It was sorta' like Calgary, people were jogging, lounging about etc, except of course the river was bigger, there were way more people, & the way was filled with tons of buildings, cafes, restaurants, boat lauches, & even a castle.

After making it to London Bridge I crossed over to the other shore & ended up visiting the HMS Belfast. The last great big ship in Europe of the 2nd World War. I thought it'd take me an hour & a half at the most to see her but I ended up crawling through her, on her, etc., for way over 3 hours. It was cool. I arrived in the Ops Room as they ran though an audio presentation of a battle with a german vessel. It was done very good & it kinda' felt like I was actually there watching it & hearing it unfold. I then looked at the map done in detail of the battle & it matched up with the presentation. A funny thing happened earlier though when I was in the cafe drinking Fanta. I was watching some video & was at one point sitting very still & some kids from a private school looked into the cafe & when I moved to take a sip of pop it freaked them out. They thought I was part of the exhibit. Later on I had a laugh with their teacher about it whom I'm ran into while onboard.

Anyways I wandered back to the bridge to the Tate meuseum, & then headed for St Paul's & then down the road that leads to the hostel, ate dinner which was beef lasagna, & a garden salad. I am now typing this & wish I was at home or had my laptop on me so I could upload some of my photos. I don't know if I'll venture out tonight, but I should because I am only here until Tuesday & won't be coming back anytime soon. Of course that is was what I said of Lethbridge when I passed through it on the latter end of my last road trip. That poses a big question, could I actually live here & like it ? Probably. There is no doubt some kinda' arts scence here obviously & I don't think it'd take too long to makes some waves poetrywise, actingwise, etc.. Well... I guess that is it for today. I will post my next day on my Wordpress blog.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

There Was No Real Plan

There was no real plan
I just set out
Destination unknown
Life is like that though

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Driving Down Another Backroad

Not sure where I turned left
Not sure where I turned right
But I hope that you can hear me
I hope you can hear me tonight

I'm driving down another
Driving down another backroad

The colours swirl round n round
Live music makes a lovely sound

Don't go here
Don't go there
Dance in a circle
Not in a square

Bolt the door
My craziness is outside
& it wants in
It wants into your world

You know you want it
Or maybe you don't

Yes I may have forgotten how to play guitar
But in it's place there's a whole lot of soul

That's the stuff you've heard of
That's the stuff of legends
Take a look back at past artists
Of any field

Come take my hand
I just want one last dance
That will keep me going
Until I come crashing down
Into another
Another person's life

You were like the sun
I was like a comet
Only once in 2000 years
Do I orbit

Okay there goes another fragment
Another fragment of my heart

Scroll back up to the top
I can't think of anything to say

Not sure where I turned left
Not sure where I turned right
But I hope that you can hear me
I hope you can hear me tonight

I'm driving down another
Driving down another backroad

Most Vocal's March Event

The poster says it all. I won’t be there though cuz I’ll be out on the road somewhere. Marie our secretary will be MCing the event.