Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Eye of the Tiger

 Slowly but surely I'm getting back into shape. Once school starts & I get a routine going I will hopefully do even better. Still no matter how hard I try nothing will get me into better shape than the shape I was in when I lived at Stampede Ranch as a teen. Basically the Foothills & the Rocky Mountains were our gym. Spring, Summer, Autumn, & Winter we ran or hiked our way here & there. Maybe if & when I get around to writing my auto-biography I'll be able to afford to buy some place in the Foothills close to the mountains.

  Anyhow not a lot is going on. I have updated my website a little bit I've got a lot of work to do with it. My first one was way better than this one, but that will all soon change. As for the title of my auto-biography I've been thinking of calling it "Bears Falling From Trees WIth Erections." Thanks to all my readers mainly from Canada, the US, & Russia. Hopefully everyone gets a laugh now & then cuz life is to short to be taken too seriously. I guess that's it for now, ciao.

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