Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chasing a dream

If you've read the last post I've joined NuCERITY as an independent distributor. 1 of my prospects might pan out. I just have to wait until she actually signs up. If she does all I need is 1 more & I will have both of my legs. If that happens then with a little luck & volume I will move up to a silver rank. What does that mean. It means I am on my way to a better future. Then after that I have to help my 2 people get their  2 people & so on & so on. My friend Connie who is my sponsor hit silver & she got a nice check. The thing about it is just how simple it is. I don't t know many people so it will probably take me a little bit longer but I will do it. All I need is 1 person. Anyhow I have babbled on long enough about this. Hope everyone out there has a good day/night/ or whatever. For the next post hopefully I'll have someone but if not I'm in no big rush. Quitters never win & winners never quit. Also I should start getting back into poetry, photos for next time. It's amazing how much time one can put into something & not notice it until they step back & take a look at things. I'm not really balanced yet but am working on it. Learning new stuff as always. Ciao for now.

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